Intro :: Day 1 [31 days to being a better mama]

It's October?  For realz???  Hold on a sec....

Okay, I just looked at the calendar, and it is, in fact, October.  I am in disbelief.

But excited.  Because that means it is the start of 31 days.  A great initiative by a group of eight bloggers, headed up by the Nester, that decided to let any of us all join in.

And joining in, I am. I mentioned this briefly here, but just a refresher.

All this month, I will be writing a blog post every day.  It will be all about "being a better mama".

If you don't have kids, bear with me.   There is likely going to be some general information that will inspire or help you to be better a better woman {although, you are all pretty fabulous already, so don't need much help}, at least I hope there is.  Or if you have nieces and nephews, maybe some ideas for you.   And, just because I may be a little addicted to blogging, I am guessing I will have some regular posts sprinkled in throughout the month.

If you ARE a Mom, why not take the challenge with me?  Nothing is too involved, and can't we all use a daily reminder of how to better connect with our kids? 

Awhile back, I found this awesome "30 Day Mom Challenge" and thought, this I HAVE to do.  

Source: imom.com via Jenny on Pinterest

So here we go...and I am going take you all along for the ride.  Some days I am guessing the blogs will be packed full of info.  Some days I think there might just be a few photos.  Some days...who knows?  That's the fun part.  Figuring out what each day will bring.  

And so I keep working on these things even after the 31 days, I have added a page that will have links to the whole 31 days of posts.  Check it out.  It has the 1st post I mentioned 31 days in...and I'll be adding more soon.  Like tomorrow.  


Lori said...

Sounds great!!! I'm in!!!!

Rambling Heather said...

Can't wait for this series, so excited. I often feel like I fail in this area :(

Katie said...

I'm excited to be joining you for the series!!

statia said...

I so need this. Thank you!

iMOM said...

Hello! Thank you so much for featuring iMOM's 30 Day Mom Challenge. We love our mom bloggers!!!!
Just so you know, since you posted we have gone through revisions and the new link: is http://imom.com/tools/build-relationships/30-day-mom-challenge/

Thank you again- Madison at iMOM

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