Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Its Friday, and so that also means its time for Five Minute Friday.  The prompt this week?  Ordinary.

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The definitions for ordinary are: 

1.  adjective:  With no special or distinctive features; normal. 
2.  noun: What is commonplace or standard. 
3.  synonyms: common - usual - regular - normal - habitual - customary

And, really, truly the ordinary moments to me?  Are the best moments of life.  Those are the moments i am talk about when I talk about living in the moment.  When I say I need to be grateful for what I have right now.  Here.  In this place. 

This weekend marks our last in the Netherlands.  And the last of our ordinary traditions here.  Weekends are a special time around here.  Sometimes we head out to mark things off on the bucket list

But do you want to know my little secret?  I LOVE the weekends we don't.  

Those weekends, on Saturday mornings, we head to our favorite bakery in the Centrum.  Last weekend, they almost knew our total order (by memory).  Too bad we are about to move, huh?  

Each Sunday J#1 makes breakfast.  Ah, dreamy, I tell you.  Its the same.  Scrambled eggs with cheese and breakfast potatoes. 
J#3 trying to be just like Daddy.  Typical scene around this house
Want to know another little secret?  I am scared about how long it will take us to create these ordinary, but treasured, traditions in our new home.  Settling in, to-do lists, trips...all will delay getting to our new normal.  

But I guess that is what life is all about.  The ordinary, the extraordinary, and all of the days in-between.  And beginning each day as if it were on purpose.  To intend to live.  To be present.  

Working on it.  Every day, I am working on it. 

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If you have a few minutes, head on over to The Gypsy Mama and check out some of the other posts.  I am sure they will be anything BUT ordinary.  



A Diamond in the Rough said...

We just moved back from overseas and we're trying to find the ordinary too. It takes time. I'm like you. I like the ordinary. I think it can be extraordinary. OH, and that latte looks to die for! Thanks for writing and blessings on your move and your search for your new ordinary. Just stumbling through from Lisa Jo's this week!

Brittany said...

To intend to live--yes! I love that. Love your 5 minutes!

Liberty said...

Sweet post! I know that fear of the new- not yet ordinary creeping around the edges...He's already in the new-normal...

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