Bucket List: Strawberry Picking? Check!

Strawberries.  Num.

Freshly picked strawberries?  Double num.

I've always wanted to head to a strawberry patch to pick fresh strawberries, but the timing has never been right.  Enter 2015.  And our fabulous friends who guided J#4 and me on our first experience...

 The Strawberry Basket Farm in Monticello, MN.
It's only natural I'd take my fruit--especially strawberry--loving girl with on this adventure. 

My imagination lead me to believe it would be a long day at the strawberry patch, but low and behold, about a half an hour garnered about seven huge buckets of strawberries between all of us.  Good thing, since it was a beautiful sunny and hot summer day in Minnesota.

- - -

So one thing checked off the list, means I should add a new thing, right?   Any ideas?

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