Top 10 Tuesdays #4: Reasons to get back on track

Note to start:  If there are any friends and family {that visit from Facebook posts} and are bored with my mom & personal stuff {like this post} please drop me a note on Facebook or Email.  Because if you are wanting to see more pics of J#3 and J#4 I have created a family blog.  Where you will find more of them.  And, really, who wouldn't want that? ;-) 

So I wrote a numbers post on Sunday, and I talked about how the # on the scale has been creeping up.  After having J#4 and nursing her for almost five months, I lost quite a bit of weight.  Nothing like automatically burning 500 calories a day just by feeding your daughter, right?

Well, I'm not nursing anymore, and I am not that slender anymore.  I was struck last week during the Top 10 Tuesday's by this lovely lady's post about why she keeps going back to Weight Watchers.  I actually commented, saying I was thinking about doing a post similar and that so many of my reasons were the same as hers.

I think they are probably the same for all of us, most of the time, right?

I have purposely NOT gone back to read her post again, and it was a week ago {peeps, my memory isn't THAT good}, so it may be interesting to see how many of our reasons DO end up being the same.  But here goes...

Top 10 reasons to "get back on track" {a.k.a. lose that darn weight that crept back on}
1.  This girl.  I hope I can get this under control so that I am at a healthy weight and living a healthy lifestyle before she realizes I wasn't at one point.  Perhaps that will prevent her from having some of the same struggles?

2.  All three of 'em. I want to be around a REALLY long time to see where our lives take us.  I need to be healthy.  I have briefly mentioned some heart issues I was born with (since repaired) in the past...it is likely going to have to be repaired again...  Come on.  I shouldn't be "play with fire".

3.  I want to shop in ANY store.  Not just the ones with plus size sections.  {On a total aside, just discovered the "plus" size store in Eindhoven, Holland, where we are living now.  Too bad we are moving in 2 weeks...or maybe NOT so bad.}

4.  I want to be in photos with my children.  And not be afraid to post them, print them out or just plain share them with anyone.

5.  I have started running.  I like it.  I want to continue it.  Its gotta be easier when you lose more weight, right?

6.  Can I tell you how great it is too not be just about at the max size for some airplane seats?  Because I was just about there awhile ago.  I haven't gained ALL of my weight back, so I am not there again.  And people, I NEVER want to be again.

7.  I know I mentioned the stores.  But clothes.  Such cute ensembles shared on pinterest.  I want to be able to not feel like an impostor pinning them.  'Cause most of them?  Not exactly for the bigger girls.

8.  Energy & motivation.  I just absolutely know that both of those would increase if I took the bull by the horns and made the changes that I need to in order to succeed at losing weight.

9.  $s.  Yeah, you read right.  Money.  I am sure we would save some money if I didn't eat as much, right?  And if I could get to that goal weight, I wouldn't have to keep buying clothes for the in-between stages.

10.  Self-confidence.  Sort of a combination of all of the above.  But with lower weight {at least for me} comes more self-confidence.  So there.

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Eek, this is one of the more personal posts I think I have written.  But I need to be held accountable, and when I write things here, I seem to hold myself more accountable...so here we go!

Linking up, once again, with these lovely ladies:

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JanMary @ www.janmary.com said...

You post is calling my name!

I need so much to get back on track - for all those reasons you have listed.

but will I? .....

Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

Great post and thank you for linking up!
I need to shed that weight too

Leslie said...

I am going thru some of the same things. I post how much weight I lose on mondays and weigh in (I don't tell folks my weight though.... I am TOO embarrassed to do that) I have two little munchkins and a hubby and I want to be around for a long time.

I just started running again. I was running a couple months ago but since then I have lost 21 lbs and I can tell you, starting up running again was a lot easier. I ran a mile and did it faster than I had while still having those 21 lbs of fat on me.

Good job! Your reasons are a lot like mine

Miranda said...

I've been going through it the last couple weeks. I am not overweight, but I've got a few pounds I want to lose with no motivation to do it. I gotta say, working out always feels better when you reach your goal weight, but you have to do the hard workouts to get there. Ugh! Visiting from SITS

adventures in alyssaland said...

I didn't have a baby but about a year ago I gained 30 pounds. (Mid 30's metabolism) I kept thinking it would just go away. In January I started working out. I HATED it but I am still at it and JUST hit my weight goal a few weeks ago.

You reasons inspire me to keep on track.

Tracey Davis said...

Proud of you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen

I was just thinking the other day at the park how great you were looking and how much weight I thought you had LOST so don't be too hard on yourself! Aly

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Love your post! Good luck with this....the whole weight issue is a hard one for this momma. I totally am with you about the picture thing. I delete so many, or don't post so many cuz I look at them and scare my self with my muffin top hanging over my pants. Thanks for sharing :)

Stacie said...

Thanks for putting yourself out there! Your goals are admirable, but your last quote summed it all up.

Lori Borntreger said...

Such a great post!!! I'll be here cheering you along!!!! I see myself in so much of this post...well, minus the actually birthing a baby. You've got this girl!!!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Good for you for posting this! We women really keep it quiet how much we obsess about our weight, it's nice to see that we're not alone in feeling this way!

Annie Hollenbeck said...

I appreciate this post because I am in the midst of getting this done. You can do it!!

I have been working solidly for 4 weeks and managed to lose 14 pounds so far. This isn't the start of my journey though. I've been working on this since my youngest was born - 2 years ago! Yikes!! In that time, I've probably lost and gained a total of what I need to lose.

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