about me

Here are the facts: 

  • Married to the first man who ever gave me flowers (six years before we even started dating).  
  • Minnesota girl living in the Netherlands Scotland in Minnesota again.
  • Just realized nearly our entire courtship was long-distance, so we spent our time traveling to see each other--perhaps a precursor to our many, many moves? 
  • Full time working mom to two young kids. 
  • "Yes, please!" to:  pizza, scented candles, travel, reading, writing, chick flicks, pedicures & sandals in the summer
  • "No thank you" to:  pessimists, whistling, pork chops (ever since pregnant with J#3), scary movies & BBQ chips
  • Working on my bucket list, one item at a time
WWII Memorial in D.C., Pre-Kids, 2008

At home, May 2011
Look at us...all grown up.  Okay, so its just 17 months later, but those kids are a bit bigger, right?

What's with the #s? 

We are a family of J's.  So, I just went by age.  Thought I would keep it simple.  

J#1:  The dad, my husband of 14 years. 
J#2:  Will be rarely used, because I don't plan on referring to myself in the 3rd person very often.
J#3:  My son.  He was born March 2009 in New Jersey.  He is a typical six year old boy.  Loves:  his hand-me-down iPad, baseball, superheroes and golf. 
J#4:  My daughter, the baby.  She was born in February 2011 in the Netherlands.  My favorite nickname for her is Sweets. And at four, she is showing her personality and smarts all the time.  Loves:  all things pink, princesses, lego building, nail polish and playing with her friends and brother. 

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