Five Minute Friday: Catch

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This week's Five Minute Friday prompt was, I have to admit, a tough one.  I almost wasn't going to do it this week because I couldn't think of how to write about it.  But, that is why I enjoy the Five Minute Friday, because it is a challenge in writing. Write what you feel and are thinking for five minutes.  No editing, nada.  So here we go... {and pictures were added after the five minutes. just sayin'}

Five Minute Friday Prompt:  Catch

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Catch.  Catching the fever.  That is what I am trying to do.  Not that bad fever...the flu or cold fever. No, the moving in the right direction fever.
J#3 = caught  {wink}
I spend so much time talking about what I want to be.  Spend time even writing about 31 days to being a better mama.  Instead of talking about it, I want to catch the fever, and just go with it.  Just be that better mama.

Just be that healthier mama.  The one that creates natural meals and foods for her family.  The one that makes exercise a part of every day, so her children grow up with that as part of their everyday life.  The wife that is the wife she has always dreamt of being.

Instead of just thinking, talking about it.  Catch it.  Catch the fever.   Move on, stop thinking.  Do it.
Be there for them all the time.  I sound like a broken record.  Seems like I am saying that so much.  Better just start doing it.  Then maybe I won't have to write about it so often?

Moving towards the future.  Not living in the past.  Enjoying the present day.  Living in the moment.  Intending to live each day as if it is was the most important day of my life.

Not wishing it was next week, or next month...but being in the moment.  Doing the best I can do right now for my husband, my children, myself.  

Who is with me?  Can this be done?  Stop talking about what I want to change, and just do it?  I think it can.

I am going to catch the fever.  The fever to live.   The fever to love.  How about you?  Ready?  Catch!

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P.S.  I really, really need to start having my husband takes pictures now and then.  Tried to find photos of me...slim to none.  


Madame Wildflower said...


First, I want to comment on the cute pictures. The first one made me laugh. What an appropriate picture for today's topic. :)

At any rate, I thought your thoughts about "catch" were good. I have that problem too - just talking about things instead of just "catching" the feeling and "doing them." It's easier said than done, but I'm working on it.

I'm visiting you today from "The Gypsy Mama." This is the first time I participate on this meme. I'm #16, right behind you. :)

~M. Wildflower

The Wild Optimist said...

I loved the voice you have in writing your post- I think you speak for every mother! Some days it is indeed easier to catch what we need to, and some days we catch things we didn't want at all, don't we?
I'm glad I stopped here, sharing the experience makes it better- and easier- doesn't it? Thank you for writing!!

American in Norway said...

Oh lord... I hear you... I wake up every morning with BIG plans.. to eat better, exercise, get organized so everything runs smoother...
Ugh.. be here I sit.. the my day half over.. :-(
Popping by from SITS.. you have a beautiful family!

The Blonde Duck said...

Just do a little each day. That's what helps me. I get so overwhelmed by everything I want to do that if I just do 10 minutes towards something each day, I feel accomplished!

Karrie said...

I hear and understand! visiting from the gypsy mama....love it here!

WhisperingWriter said...

I try to eat healthier. It doesn't always work out. I love chocolate.

Jennifer said...

This is just what I needed to hear. I do a lot of talking and writing; I need to just be a better eater!!!

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