numbers. most random blog post ever.

Numbers.  Good numbers.  Not so good numbers.  Let's start with the not good, and move to the good.  M'kay?

Not so good...

# on the scale:  Dudettes {I love the word dude.  Wish it wasn't so 80's}.  About two months ago I was at the lowest # I had been since I was married.  Now?  Not the case.   I am pondering making myself accountable for my weight fight here on the blog.  Contemplating.  Just not sure yet...

#s on the statistics page: UGH!  Why do I look at those?  I don't blog for followers.  I blog for me.  I gotta stop looking at 'em.

# of days until our move:  EEEK!


# of days until our move:  Yay!!!!

# of days until our fall trip back to Minnesota: Yay again!

# of days it took me to get through the Bible in 90 days:  79.

# of months J#4 is:  8 {as of yesterday}.   UNBELIEVABLE.  Fantastic.  Love. Her. To. Pieces.
Grandma...how's this one???

First time in a cart. Rockin' it. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have happy children :)
Oh and I can relate to the scales frustration, after the birth of my son last April I was in the best shape I had been for such a long time.. not so anymore :(

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