Top 10 places {I think} I'd want to live

The title for this post was originally "Top 10 places to live".  But I had to make a clarification within the title.

See, when I was telling J#1 about the spots I have listed and I got to # 5 he said, "but you haven't lived there yet".  Okay, point taken.

So this is a mix of places I have lived {and have enjoyed living in} and places I think I would want to live.  Here we go...

1.  Twin Cities, Minnesota:  Duh.  "Home".  Beautiful lakes.  Everywhere. The Mighty Mississippi running between two awesome {and very different--in a good way} cities. Family.  Friends.  Familiar.  I think you get the idea.

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Just don't ask me about the sport teams right now...mkay?

2.  New Jersey: Yes, you read that right.  We spent 22 months there, and I sort of wish it would have been longer.  We even talk about retiring there.  It is called The Garden State for a reason.

It also doesn't hurt that it is so close to...

3.  New York City: Perhaps my favorite city in the world.  There is just something about the energy. The options.  But then, just isn't practical with our two kiddies (oh, and on our salaries salary).  But a girl can dream, right?

4.  Duluth, Minnesota:  J#1 went to college in Duluth, and I have been there several times.  All along the North Shore {of Minnesota} would have plenty of possible towns to live in.  Close enough to Minneapolis & St. Paul, but far enough away too.  KnowwhatImean??

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5.  Scotland: I am a bit bias on this one. See,  I am going into our move with a positive attitude.  But the people have seemed nice up to this point, and have you scene some of the landscapes?  Oh, and the history.  Can't wait to find our way across the whole country.

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6.  Colorado:  Well, once we have lived in Scotland, Colorado will be the closest to it in the States.  Or not.  But I have always wanted to live in Colorado. I have family there.  There are mountains there.  Beauty.  Maybe I'd even learn how to ski?

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7.  Phoenix, Arizona area:  Um, yeah. Almost.  We almost made it there.  Again, mountains.  Golf (for J#1, of course).  Warm weather year around.  Oh. Wait. It gets HOT in the summer.  Hmm.  Maybe why its only at #7?

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8.  Boston...The accents.  Cheers.  The history.  Most definitely one of the most charming cities we have ever visited.

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9.  Hawaii:  Tropical. Warm. Beautiful.   Maybe a bit too expensive though.  Hmm.  Maybe when we win the lottery?  Plus, we would probably want to go to the beach a lot.  And I am not a big fan of swimsuits.  Nope.  Not at all.

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10. Alaska:  Well, if you are single and looking for a man.  I hear they have a lot of 'em up there {or over there maybe?}.  But Alaska just might not be good for me since I have cold urticaria.

Yeah.  I'm allergic to the cold.

Stop laughing.


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Although, it does look pretty beautiful up there.  Maybe I could just bundle up.

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Jamie said...

I lived in Hawaii for 3.5 years. It was fabulous. The weather is perfect... All the time. A lot of people that I knew who very from other places said they missed seasons. Not me. I loved the perfect sunshiney days year round!

Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

Love this post!. This is a great Tuesday Ten idea :). Thanks for linking up again girl ;)

Amy Bennett said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm certainly a beach girl vs. a mountain girl but those pictures are oh so enticing!

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