Five Minute Friday: Grateful

Back in my 'ole blogging days, I used to join in the fun of a link-up called "Five Minute Fridays".  So, of course I had to join in again now that I'm trying blog a bit more.  

The whole idea is to set a timer, write for five minutes about a topic, and then link up over here.  

# # #

Grateful.  Of course I am!  How could I not be?  

For realz.  Look at these two...

Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the 'everyday-ed-ness' of life. You get stuck in routine.  Crabby because the ever elusive sun won't show it's shining face. 

It's easy to forget all that we have to be grateful for, like for me: 
  • a husband who puts up with all my moods
  • kids who don't even notice them
  • and love spending time with me, giving me hugs and kisses 
  • mostly just making me feel like the luckiest mom on earth
  • the ability to be close to family and friends
  • a beautiful home 
  • a fun job
  • with great froworkers (& coworkers)
  • a full weekend packed with entertaining our most favorite people this weekend
  • the promise of days ahead
  • the promise of each new day, where I can start again
  • the fact that I don't ever have to stop trying...and someday, someday... 
  • the knowledge that habits and good changes will stick
  • vacation days
  • Fridays
  • 'stay at home' days = my daughter's name for weekends
# # #

What are you grateful for today? 


"Ain't got no time for that?"

A few years ago the whole "Ain't got no time for that!" phrase was all the craze.

It's not anymore...right?  So why am I saying that?  

Now, clearly life has changed a bit lot for me over the last year.  I went from being a stay at home mom in Scotland to a working mom in Minnesota, after all.

BUT.  That isn't an excuse.  There are still some things that I LOVE doing, like writing on this blog. With that being said, my intent is to write here more.  I know, I know, I've been saying that since the beginning of the year, right?

It's sort of like my weight loss.  "Woulda, coulda, shoulda Jenny."

Point taken.  The proof is in the pudding.  {Speaking of pudding.  Do a lot of people still make pudding? I cna't remember the last time I've had it...but I digress.}

The proof is in action, so I'm going to take the action of being more faithful to the blog. My hope is that there is a side benefit and I choose to use my time writing blog posts when I'm feeling hungry or bored (which makes me hungry) or lonely (which makes me hungry) or if I have something fun to share (which makes me hungry).  Are you seeing the theme there?

It's a win-win, as I see it.  My fingers stay busy on a keyboard and you get something to read.

That is, if you are there. Are you there?

Hello.  :: knock, knock ::   Is this thing still on?

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