inspiration :: plus weekly weigh in

Two things we need to talk about here today.

#1: Weigh in.  Lets just get it out of the weigh way.  I'm down five pounds after a week of eating healthy and exercising regularly.  Not bad.  Not bad at all. I know that will slow down after a bit, but of course I'm hoping not for a few weeks at least....

Have you ever noticed how much more work it takes to lose weight than it does to gain weight? Annoying.  Maybe at some point "that'll teach me".

#2: Inspiration.

These three are my inspiration for this weight loss.

I've got heart issues I've written about before, and getting healthy is only going to help that situation. It won't solve it--but it will definitely make a positive difference.  Better heart = longer life = more time with those three people in the photos above.

That and the fact that I want to be a good example for my daughter.  She lives and breathes fruits and vegetables. So I'm taking her lead and making sure there is someone in the house doing the same thing. Hopefully that means she won't decide to change her mind about her love for all things healthy.  {fingers crossed}

So how about you...what is your inspiration?  I've got these peeps as my screen saver on my phone, to remind me many times a day of my motivation.

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