tick. tick. tick.

Time is winding down.

We have just over a month left in Scotland.  And within that month we have visitors that arrive tomorrow for ten days, and then we have another visitor arrive just a few days after that who will be here for a week.

Time is going to fly by.  So the trick will be to stay in the moment.

To not be looking towards the next thing...or the next visitor...and for sure the next flight that will take us "home" to Minnesota.

I'll be working outside the home come August, so my days at home with these little people are limited.

And I'm going to enjoy every last minute {or at least try real hard to, because lets face it...sometimes there are just moments}. 

So if you don't hear from me much around here, that'll be why.

I will however show up over here at least three times every week.



I have all of these thoughts of how I want to be.

The kind of mom I want to be. 
The kind of wife I want to be. 
The kind of daughter and sister I want to be. 
The kind of aunt and Godmother I want to be. 
The kind of friend I want to be. 
The kind of woman I want to be. 

If only I had the energy for all of it. There are days right now {not every one, but a few here and there...ahem, like today} where I am lacking the energy just to sufficiently get halfway to where I want to be with the first two items.

Do you ever feel that way?

I find myself trying to remind myself of my word for the year:  enough.

I'm trying to tell myself that I am doing enough.  That all of the things that are up in the air for our family will eventually work themselves out and settle as is planned for us.

If I could just leave all of the thinking to someone else, maybe I'd get more energy?

So I will try and rest my mind, and take these thoughts to Him. My prayers were answered in one area this past week.  Literally, between prayers, some medication and more accurate testing I am blessed to be able to avoid a medical procedure (at least for now).

I will continue to work on developing more patience, and choosing joy through each day.

I will shift my mind to a positive place, because that is how I am intent on living right now.
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