Encouragement:: Day 27 [31 days to being a better mama]

27.  Make it a point to encourage your child today.

You bet.  I am all over this one.  I love encouraging my kids.

Especially J#4.  There are so many new things she is trying right now.  Pulling herself up, learning how to get herself back on the floor, eating new foods.

And J#3 as he tries to build train tracks and car cities.  He needs encouragement to keep on keeping on.

This one is a cake walk.  And I bet it is for you too?

How do you encourage your kids?  What things do they need the most encouragement for?  Maybe I can get a little peak into my future.

And a little nugget for ya...maybe this could be a sweet note for your little one today?

Source: google.com via Jenny on Pinterest

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Momma Bird said...

oh your little ones are so sweet!!!!! my oldest gets CRAZY frustrated when he can't figure something out - i'm talking all out screaming fits - it's so hard to stay calm but i always have to remind him that it's "okay" and that he can do it and I will help him through. So tough for the littles - they just don't quite understand yet.

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