Definitely not the right time...

It most definitely is not the right time for me to start this blog.  Although I have plenty of time to think of things for my bucket list, I completely lack the energy to actually do anything on the list!  I don't know how working moms that are in their ninth month of pregnancy do it.  I would be falling asleep at my desk all day long.  That is, if  I could make it from my car to my office.

My job consists of some cleaning, laundry, cooking and caring for my 23 month old son.   And if I was on a performance plan, I would definitely not be "meeting expectations".

So, not sure when I will be back to update the blog.  But hopefully I will be able to jump in with both feet sometime soon!


More than just the bucket list...

So, even though at this point I haven't published this URL anywhere, for anyone other than my husband (I am going to have to think of a cute nickname for him--any suggestions?) to read, I am going to make a change.  The original intent was to talk about my bucket list.  The creation of it, the reasons for the items on it, and the best part--how I actually am able to cross items of it.  But, there are just some days (especially when nine months pregnant and running after a twenty-two month old) when work on the bucket list can't be accomplished.  But, alas, I still want to write and tell you something interesting about my day.

I mean, after all, I have moved across an ocean and am living on an entirely different continent than I have for the rest of my life.  So there be stories or tips I can share to help other expats along their journey.  Or at least funny or interesting stories to share along our journey.

And so it begins.

Today my son and I became "official".  Official residents of the Netherlands, that is.   We moved here mid-October, and the husband got his residency card one of our first days in the country since they had started the immigration process before we even left the U.S.  Evidently, if that isn't done it takes about three months (based on our experience) to go through the process of registering in your city, working with immigration to get them all of the pertinent details and finally, visiting the immigration office and picking up your card.  That was the our task for the day.  JJ Bear (as my son will affectionally be referred to going forward-at least for now) was evidently excited about becoming a resident, and he decided he wanted to hang out with the woman who gave us our cards and chat (never mind that he says about 15 words--and not on demand).  I literally had to pick him up out of the seats we were sitting in and lead him out of the office.  And this being a little guy who does not sit still very often--especially when "out and about".

After our visit to the immigration office, we of course went and celebrated with a thoroughly Dutch meal for lunch:  Subway.  Okay, I kid, I kid.  No, really, we went to Subway.  Not Dutch at all--VERY, VERY American.  I was going to take a photo of the sub, because this sandwich artist (remind me sometime to tell you about my days as a sandwich artist) was impressive, but I ate it too fast.

So there you have it.  We are now Netherlands residents.  I am left wondering what we were for the last three months??  On vacation?  Sure didn't feel like it.

Oh, and the Bucket List--I have started on my journey on one of the items: reading the bible in 90 days.  Although I am on my 3rd day and already getting behind, so I better head off to do that now.  Are you wondering why I have that added to my list?  Because even though I went through eight years of Catholic school and spend two + years involved in youth group, I have yet to read through the bible from beginning to end.  Just seems like something that I should do.  So it is on my list.  And seems like more than just something on a standard "to do" list, so it goes on the bucket list.

More on the "to do" list vs. "bucket list" tomorrow.  Night all!


So tell us why...

My husband asked me a great question last week after reading my first post.  "Why are you writing a bucket list?  What made you choose that?"

Hmmm...well, easy to answer.  Accountability.   My thought is that if I have this list posted somewhere, and there are maybe a few (or more??) people reading about it, I will feel more committed to finishing all of the items on the list.  If it is a list in the back of a journal I have laying next to my bed, no one will see it but me.  So, no one will know whether I did or didn't get through the list.

The other reason is that I look at the list as a way to learn and make my self a more well-rounded person.  My greatest hope is that there are people out there that are thinking that they would like to do that exact same person.  And maybe, just maybe, I can inspire them to do that.  I have been spending a lot of time in the past week researching (okay, reading amazing blogs by women who are become daily inspirations to me).  I want to add to this community of women who spend their time as stay-at-home moms being productive (and amazingly creative), inspirational and great examples to their kids.

Oh, and one other thing to note.  Perhaps this wasn't the BEST time for me to start a blog.  During the ninth month of my 2nd pregnancy, just a few weeks before I deliver my baby girl via a schedule c-section.  There are definitely a few things on the list that will NOT be happening immediately...or soon at all (i.e. organized sporting event).   Please bear with me because posts might not be added daily, but hopefully they will be a bit more regular than my first two!



Hello, and welcome to my new blog!!  I imagine somewhere there is an article that talks about the steps you should take when creating a blog.  I have to assume that step #1 is an introduction.  So here it is!

A few years back, there was a pretty good movie called "The Bucket List".  The story of a few old men who had put together a list of things they wanted to do during their lives.  I have thought about doing that for years.  So, now it is time for me to start it.  So, I have decided to take whoever will ready my blog (you) along with me on the journey.  

The amazing thing is that I haven't already created a bucket list.  My husband and I have moved to New Jersey and back to Minnesota, and now we are living in the Netherlands.  I have had the chance to check quite a few things off of my hypothetical "bucket list", but haven't even written them down.  Maybe that will need to be one section of my list:  things that are already checked off. 

Why do I want to do this?  I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff.  "Stuff?", you ask.  "What kind of stuff?"  Usually I am reflecting, per say, on my life to this point and how I can be a better person.  Not that I think I am a bad person.  I just think I could be more productive, set goals and realize them better (losing weight is always at the top of this list!), and just become a more well rounded person as a result.  

My hope is that by creating a bucket list (and recording the process on this blog) will help me feel more accountable for the list.  So often I become hesitant and make excuses for why I can't do things.  But if I have people checking in on me, I have to keep working on the list, right?? 

 Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”  

This is an anonymous quote (the first of many quotes you are sure to see her) I found, but it reflects what I am working on here.  This bucket list is going to be how I record the changes that I, along with my family, go through.  Hopefully other people can be inspired by or learn from my experiences.  I have spent a lot of time lately reading blogs, mostly by moms, that have inspired me to DO something.  Anything.  Something new and different.  And so I begin!
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