Laugh :: Day 18 [31 days to being a better mama]

17.  Laugh with your child today.

Have I ever told you that J#3 is a ham?  He hams it up.  Big time.  Not always for photos {although that is happening more often}. But for laughs?
One night he snuck out of his room after we put him to bed.  We found him at the top of the stairs, with socks on his hand.  Doing a yoga pose.  The downward dog {is that even the name of a yoga pose?}, I think.   People,  we don't practice any yoga around these parts.

So this should be an easy day.

#1, we have a comedian on our hands.

And #2?  The tickle monster make frequent visits to our home.

Speaking of the tickle monster.  Did you know there is a Tickle Monster kit?
Hmmm...{Grandma, are you reading?  Christmas list idea #2}

Oh, and in case you need something to get your funny bone ready?

Source: None via Jenny on Pinterest

So tell me...How are you going to laugh with your kids today? 

If you are just joining me, please be sure to check out my 31 days to being a better mama page for previous posts.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm gong to print all these out as a how-to when I have kids!

Lori said...

That's hilarious what Joey did. You never know what a toddler is going to do and most of the time it will make you laugh.

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