No interruption :: Day 25 [31 days to being a better mama]

24.  Do not interrupt your child when he is talking.

Two days in a row peeps.

This just doesn't apply to us much.  I never interrupt J#3.  Because if there are words coming out of his mouth? I am hanging on EVERY. LAST.  WORD.

Because there aren't many... and I am okay with that.

He is about two years + seven months old.  I was pretty sure at this point he would have more to say.  I am going to contribute part of the fact to living in the Netherlands for the past year.  I would speak my own language too, if people talked to me in some gobboly gook {to J#3} language when we are in stores and such.

But, I am a bit impatient.  I want him to talk.  He is a smart kid, and I want to know what fun stuff is running thru that head of his.

BUT, if you do have kiddos that are talking a mile a minute, here are some tips from this article by Kevin Eickenberry to curb the interrupting (these are the top 3, make sure to click over for the rest):

  1. "Don't talk." Just plain don't interrupt.
  2. "Close your mouth." Sometimes just by opening it you are signaling to someone that you want to interrupt them.
  3. "Open your mind." Essentially, if you are already thinking of your argument (a.k.a. your but or interruption), you aren't actually listening to the person.  

"Today, the degradation of the inner life is symbolized by the fact that
 the only place sacred from interruption is the private toilet. "  --Lewis Mumford

Evidently, Lewis never had kids.   (FYI, after a quick search online, I can't find anything about his personal life, just his writing.  So I guess we'll never know.)

If you are just joining me, please be sure to check out my 31 days to being a better mama page for previous posts.

1 comment:

Georgia said...

My guy doesn't talk yet, but I need to start practicing this now. I grew up having to interrupt to get a word in, and now I do it even with my husband. It's time to change!

I'm falling behind in your series, but can't wait to catch up with the posts I missed!

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