It's the little things #4: bags & dates

Seriously folks.  We have moved a lot.  So why, oh why am I stressed about this move?  Maybe the question is when will a move NOT stress me out?

With the lists of stuff to do from canceling accounts to getting copies of medical records {in Dutch.  eek!} to determining what needs to be packed for temporary living and oh so much more, I am excited to talk about the little things.

The little things that make my life joyful.
Like having a moving date.

And browsing Etsy for a fun diaper changing set.  This should be perfect in my Jo Totes camera bag I am pining after.  I may have asked for it for Christmas already.  My Mom {hi Mom!} said she "might" get it.

Source: etsy.com via Jenny on Pinterest

At least she didn't say "we'll see".  Because do you know what "we'll see" means?   It is Mom speak for "no".  Which actually makes me a bit curious.  Did your moms use that as an answer when you were younger?

Speaking of bags.  Have you seen these things?
If you are traveling with a toddler any day soon run {don't walk} to your nearest computer.  Oops.  Guess you are already there.  Now that you are there, order a Trunki.  We were going to wait until we got back to the States this fall to order one (only available online in the States, as far as I know) because it is a lot less expensive there than in Scotland (where we go this one).  Or add it to J#3's Christmas list.  But he came across Freddie the Fire Engine and we were sold.  Or it was sold.  Whatever.  This is a rolling carry on bag.  For kids.  That they can ride.  Genius.  A toy and storage all in one.  The genius behind this evidently brought the idea to "Dragon's Den" {the U.K. show that "The Shark Tank" was based on...is that even on anymore in the U.S.?}.  Pretty sure they are going to be a millionaire, if they aren't already.  Oh, and to finish off this glowing testimonial?  Psst...Grandma, J#4 will be needing one very soon.  Say, maybe around December or so?  Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.

Do you see this people?  We have entered the age.  The age of siblings, playing together.  This was not staged.  Guess they were having some sort of dinner date.
And J#3 was talking calls on his potato.

Then there's this.  She's helping out in the kitchen!  Nice, huh?

Thanks Lindsay, for hosting this awesome link-up.  Please make sure to visit her blog and shop.  Found something there this week, that I am thinking would look awesome on a gallery wall surrounding by family photos.

Aisle to Aloha


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I am new to your blog so didn't know where you were moving ... but Scotland! I would love to go there, I am married to a wonderful Scotsman :) He is from Inverness

Colleen said...

Aww, love the potato phone! How fun to be so well travelled so young!

Kassie said...

WOW. moving to scotland! That would stress me out because its sooo different, but how exciting too!

Anonymous said...

They do still show Shark Tank and this summer there was an AWFUL version of that carry-on where you would basically strap your kid down in high chair form to a chair that was on the back of it. Awkward to say the least. I don't recall them mentioning this one from the UK show though!

Aren't move dates the best? We are getting ready to move and the movers have finally been contacted and arranged and we have a date for packing! It will be so nice to get our things again!

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

Move to Scotland!!!! Jealous... again.

Tracey @ ControlTheChaos said...

1. You are awesome. 2. We have trunki -s for the boys from back when they only made two kinds: blue and pink. Our are decorated with stickers. I would soooo get K a cute ladybug or something, but J is going to outgrow his soon, so I can't justify. 3. You could totally make that diaper and wipes holder in like 20 minutes. For reals. I could show you how. Or...maybe challenge you to figure it out yourself.

Miranda said...

I gotta check out the Trunki! Looks awesome!

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