Bucket List Update: Bible in 90 days? Check!

About a week and a half ago, I quietly checked off one of the items on my bucket list {and my 100 books list, how about that?  ca-ching!}.  My goal was to complete the Bible in 90 days.  I did that, and even finished within 79 days!

If you have the chance to do this at any point, I encourage it.  I've been Catholic my entire life, went to Catholic school for grade school and even took part in youth group in high school.  But until I was 33 {that is still odd, saying I am 33.  just sayin'.}, I had never read the bible from beginning to end.

I can't say it has changed my life.  But it has definitely reminded me that I am a Christian...and should live a more Christian life.  So maybe it has changed me. {wink}

As part of this group, you can sign up to get reminders of that days readings via Facebook, get daily reminders by subscribing to Amy's blog, and so many more ways.

I started with my trusty old bible, and then I moved on to using the the Kindle app (on my computer) for this.  The pages were larger.  And the best part?  I could highlight and bookmark till my heart was content.  With just a click.

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I fell behind at times, but then I would take a day to catch up, and be right back on track.

And the week we didn't have internet when we were house hunting in Scotland?  I read ahead.

Hmm.  Being without internet is probably what made me successful in doing this.

Do you think that might be a message to me?  Hmm??

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Shonda said...

Great job, Jen! Thanks for sharing!

lorig said...

Congratulations on finishing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and those verses. It is interesting to see everyone sharing different verses that stood out. I love it!

TN Quiltbug said...

So glad for your success! It's awesome, isn't it? This was my second time through in the 90 Day program, and I have to say it was every bit as awesome finishing this week as the first time was. Thank you for sharing--I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

Congrats! I love your post!

Ashley Pichea said...

Way to go, Jenny!!

Jenny said...


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