Be Happy Now: Sieze the Day

Remember when I was going to share my 31 days of 'being happy now'?  So it begins... please feel free to comment here or on Facebook, I'd love to make it a conversation! 

How many people spend a ton of timing thinking about how they can be happier?  You know...you'll be happier when: 
  • all that weight is lost
  • that darn to do list is all checked off
  • the next season begins because this one is [too cold, too hot, too dark, too long]
::Raises hand:: Looks around... 

I know it's not just me.  There was a post that someone shared on Facebook last night, and I decided to make it prettier so I could share it on Instagram.  

I have no idea who came up with these so-called rules.  But he or she is right.  On every single point.  Enough that I think I might just have my next seven blog posts.  Because you know what?  As I look at this, it's an instruction manual on how to be happy now. 

So thanks anonymous.  


Sieze the day.  

Think about one of the items above that you could try today to make your day happier.  

See that's the trick.  To be happy now, means that you need to be. happy. now.  Not tomorrow, not two weeks from now.  

We have the power to make any change {small or big} today. 

* * * 

So what are you going to do?  What one change are you going to make to be happy now? 

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