Top 10 things about moving

Since we are about a week out from our move {finally!!}, I need to work on getting myself psyched up for another move.

11th move.  10 years.  I should be an expert, right?

So, here, for your reading pleasure, are the top 10 things about moving:

1.  It's change.  
If you like that sort of thing.  And I think I do.  Although, eventually I wouldn't mind living somewhere longer than a couple of years.

2.  It's a great opportunity to purge. 
Broken toys?  Gone.  Random screws for who knows what?  Gone.  That movie we got from J#1's work for Christmas that is in Dutch?  Gone. {FYI, for those who head to the mums & tots group here, it will be in the free basket tomorrow.  Would be a great birthday present for someone.  That speaks Dutch.}

it might actually be in English.  but still, won't work with our DVD player.
plus, i don't remember being a big fan of this movie when i watched it as youngster.

3.  Right along those same lines...It's a great opportunity to organize.  
We are very, VERY lucky that we have movers that will pack everything for us.  So what am I doing to prepare?  Grouping everything together, so I am finally organized {well, at least for a day} when we get to Scotland.
all of our decorations in one place

4.  It's an opportunity to make new friends.  

Well, I guess that could be a negative part too. Since you HAVE to make new friends.  And leave the ones that you just made.  Huh.  Well, moving on...

5.  It's a great way to get more items checked off the bucket list {or added, and then checked off}.

Please feel free to leave suggestions for me to add to the bucket list.  Things in Scotland, England, and the like.

6.  Specifically in this case?  It's an opportunity to move someplace where English is the first language.  
Totally thought this was talking about me about a year ago.  Until I got to the part about the 1/3 height.  {Although in the Netherlands, it is almost true.  wink}  Oh, and the fact that the email came from babycenter.com.

7.  The boxes sitting around {yes, I have packed SOME stuff} are great toys for the little ones.

8.  It's an opportunity to buy some new stuff.  {hip, hip, hooray!}.  Cause we need it.

Source: ikea.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Hello toy organization.  It's so nice to meet you.

9.  Have I mentioned we will have a yard {a.k.a. garden}?

10. And will live about 20 minutes from a Costco?  

Alright...so I was obviously a little hard up for ideas once I hit #9, but I did get 10 things!

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Dorie said...

Like this list - In the first half dozen or so years of our marriage we moved five times...oh the adventure {and not so much adventure} of it all.

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with the move!

We tend to move every few years.

Beth said...

I was raised as a military brat. There are definitely a lot of great things about moving around. Enjoy!

Lacee said...

Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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