Or maybe 12?  

I have 2 reasons for the title of "6" today.

Reason #1

This adorable, happy and flirty (yes, you read right) little lady is now 6 months old. 

I wish I had thought ahead enough to be prepared to do monthly posts for her, with photos at the beginning of each month.  You know, the ones with cute little blocks or fabric backgrounds included. But alas, I wasn't.  So instead, I am going to start my own little tradition.  

In honor of her six-month birthday, six things I love about our little J#4: 

  1. Her ever present smile
  2. Her toughness (you should hear how many times a day I have to say "don't sit on your sister", but she still doesn't cry)
  3. Her expert communication.  The girls knows to cry when she is hungry, dirty or tired.  And that's it.  Glorious, I tell you. 
  4. She is sleeping thru the night!  This started just a few weeks ago when we were visiting Minnesota.  Perhaps I have a bit of jetlag/time change adjustment to thank?  Well, thank you.
  5. Her words.  She has now said:  da (yes, that was the first one.  boo!), ba (while reaching for J#3's milk), and ma.  YEAH!!  I know, I know. At this point, according to "the people" she doesn't really know what she is referring to, but I still love hearing her say and sing "mamamama"!   
  6. Her rockin' moves.  Ha.  Okay, so no dancing yet.  But this girl has been rolling (both ways) since four and a half months, and she is now moving herself successfully around the room.  THIS CLOSE to crawling, and maybe even does once in a while (when I am not looking, which is rare).  Right now it is a "get on her hands and knees, push up on to her feet (so her cute little tush sticks up in the air) and then stumble forward" kind of action.  

So happy 6 month (or first half-birthday) to my precious baby girl!  

Reason #2 (for the title, in case you forgot)

I have been a VERY bad blogger.  I mean, seriously bad.  I haven't been as consistent as a girl blogger should be.  That ends now.  

I pledge to write new posts for the next six days straight.  Yup. Six days straight. 

It helps that we just spent two weeks in Minnesota. 901 photos (yes, 901!!) later, there must be a little to share.

So, see you tomorrow? 

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Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month birhtday Jillian! I'm happy I got a chance to meet you when you were in Minnesota. By the way, I like your dress :)


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