This little one is growing up WAY to0 fast. 

Today, we bought her size 4 diapers.  Some of her twelve month clothes are a bit on the tight side (imagine some thunder thighs). 
On Tuesday we had her six month appointment at the consultatie-bureau.  

The consultatie-bureau is essentially a government supported program that all children in the Netherlands are required to visit thru their fourth birthday.  The consultatie-bureau is one of my favorite aspects of living in the Netherlands.  It just seems like a genius idea because you know that all children will get the medical support that they need (including vaccinations, development check-ins, etc.) regardless of their parents income or insurance situation.  
Anyway, back to J#4.  So, we went in to see the doctor.  She did the regular checks: hips, eyes, all that good stuff.  Everything was great. She asked about how J#4 is doing with eating.  

"Good," I say. "She is eating fruits, veggies, all of the regular baby food."  

"Nice," says the Dr.  "Well, then you should be able to start feeding her bread."

"Bread???"  Just wanted to make sure.  She had just told me English is her fourth (wow!) language. 

"Yes, bread."

"O-o-o-kay."  {As I thought to myself, okay lady, whatever you say, think I will just stick with fruits and veggies for awhile. Oh, and the baby food mix you buy here that includes veggies, potatoes and meat(!)pureed into a delectable baby friendly meal. Heck, I might even try to whip up some of my own baby food...but bread?  No thanks.  Mashed potatoes made little girl gag last week.}

But J#4?  She is a good listener.  
Multi-tasking. She is my daughter after all. 
Numnumnum.  Too bad it is plastic...

She took a break from chowing down on the bread to get her crawling ball from J#3 (who, by the way, was scared of that ball when he was J#4's age).

Game on.  
Who needs bread when you can have an orange and some chicken? 

Oh, and pretty sure her eyes were asking me for some ranch dressing to go with that chicken.  Sigh.  A girl after my own heart.

All that eating tired her out though. Poor thing, it's a tough job to be six months old with nothing to do but crawl and play.  

Oh, and eat plastic food. 

So, Netherlands friends who have had a little one go to the consultatie bureau...is this bread thing for real??? 


Raechel said...

Hi, I live in Australia and from my reading, discussions with friends and health professionals, I think babies can have pretty much all foods (except whole nuts) from 6 months. In fact we did not giver our second child any puree at all. At 6 months he started getting fingers of meat, veggies, cheese and, yes, bread (usually toasted with avocado or banana on top). He would suck and chew them at first and gradually started swallowing some! It was great fun(but messy!) to watch him exploring the tastes and textures! What did you decide to do?

Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

Hi Raechel! We stuck mostly with purees, as we did with my son. She is about eight months old now, and we are starting to do more finger foods. I gave her a bit of muffin today, and have given her small "goldfish" crackers and cheerios. And, we are onto the baby food that has much more texture. She seems to have a bit of trouble with it, but she IS doing better with it than my son did! Reading your note makes me think I should start trying een more finger foods. Thanks for your comment!

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