Miniature sights, big fun!

We checked off two items on our Holland Bucket List yesterday.   Good multi-tasking, right? 

First up, Madurodam.  

This place was huge.  Most of the well-known Dutch sights all in one place. 
 At a scale of 1:25.  Perfect J#3 size. 
Love the little playground. 
We had to hold him back a few times.  At one point he may have moved around some of the cars. 
This place is a two-year-old boy's dream. 

Trains & trams... 
...and automobiles. 
Check out the size of these fish below.  I think they might be used to being fed by passerby's. 
There was a Mars factory, that for the small price of 10 cents, would deliver you a chocolate.  
And of course we had to get a photo of the only Eindhoven site.  See the UFO type building?  That is a convention center that is here in town.  

Essentially, we could have gotten through most of the places on our Holland Bucket List at Madurodam.  But that just wouldn't be as much fun as the real things, right? 

Heading to Madurodam continues to verify a thought I have.  I am pretty sure little boys are preprogrammed and have radar to locate all planes, trains, trams and construction equipment within their hearing or sight.  Are you with me on that???

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Ashlee said...

Wow! That's really need. I have never traveled out of the country, but it seems like Holland would be a good place to vacation :)

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