Say cheese!

I still have at least one post to wrap up the memories from our Minnesota trip.  Need to fill you in on a few last fun visits and, of course, the food.  

But first, I wanted to pull together an update on one of my bucket list items.  I mean, after all, that was the original purpose of this here blog, right? 

#1 under the miscellaneous section is to "learn how to take better photos".   I haven't done a lot of searching for in-person photography classes that would be taught in English here, but there is always the internet.  
And find a course on the internet is just what I did.  The lovely Ashley Anne, who's blog is Under the Sycamore is offering an online course called SnapShots. I read about it on one of my top five favorite blogs while we were in Minnesota; and found out it would start August 1 (the day we got back to the Netherlands). Perfect timing, wasn't it? I have access to this online course for three weeks, and I am about two thirds of the way through it. 
I will admit using our DSLR on manual is a bit tricky, but the course (along with practice) is helping me along.  Here are some samples of photos I have taken the last few days.  Hope you enjoy!
Our friends introduced us to a new park.  About a twenty-five minute walk, but worth every minute.  Much more J#3 friendly than the parks around our house. 

Poor J#4 just doesn't get to be in on the action on the playground, so she was my model at home. 
 look at those adorable rolls!
doing the army crawl
 this little chick is a fast one now
I found that cute little bloomer (that's the word, right?) for J#4's baptism (oops, at least TWO more MN posts). I thought I would give it some more action though, because it was hard to see under her dress!  
 loves using her paci as a teething toy

So, what do you think?  Am I headed towards being able to knock "taking better pictures" of the list?  

I have to admit, with models this cute (yes, I am bias), it definitely is easy to practice.  

All day long. 

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