Xpat Blog Hop: Photo Time!

This weeks topic for the Xpat Blog Hop at Tales from Windmill Fields is: 
A photo or photos that sum up for you the country you live in.  

As I put myself a year (or 10) down the road and think back to our time here, what will I remember? 

Well, first it will be the friends we have made and how glad I was to find the Mums & Toddlers group.  That might be a little cheesy, but its the truth!  There are a few friends I have made that I hope are lifelong friends.  And J#3 and I would have gone a little VERY stir crazy without the Mums & Toddlers meetings and meeting up with the friends we have made through the group. 
J#3 on the move at one of our first Mums & Toddlers meetings
Next, are the tulips.  Is that a cop out?  No.  At this point in my life Keukonhof Gardens is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. 

Next, would be walking A LOT, and just healthier living in general.  
the kids can be often be found here.  in the stroller, as we are walking everywhere we go. 
This is going to sound a little odd, but when we head out on the weekend with J#1 in the car it is actually pretty exciting.  Weird, isn't it? 

And the #1 thing I will remember about the Netherlands? 
Our, beautiful, forever reminder.  


Windmill Tales said...

Ah that is a lovely post and the tulips are certainly not a cop out I love the Keukenhof!!

Adele said...

Lovely photos!

After I became a mum the local mothers group was the main stay of my life. They taught me all I needed to know about raising my children in Japan-products/how to read labels/great play places and conversation in English! I couldn7t have got by without them.

...and the tulips !! they would brighten anyone life up

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