Holland Bucket List...and an update

So, remember when I said that I was determined that this week we would hear something about Scotland and our impending move there?  

Well, we did.  

Yup, I'm that good. 

Or just that lucky.  

So that makes the Holland Bucket List that I mentioned yesterday TOP priority.  We have about two months to get through everything on the list. 
And we started today.  

Well, this wasn't actually on the bucket list.  But maybe it should've been?  We found our way (thanks to the ever fabulous Eindhoven Mums & Toddlers group) to Witven "beach"

Wondering about the other items on our Holland Bucket List?  Okay, I'll take a break from the beach and fill you in. Here they are: 

  1. The Museum of Bags & Purses in Amsterdam.    Yes, they have one, and yes we are going there.  For all of the train and car museums we will be visiting in the future, it only seems right that J#1 and J#3 do this for me and J#4. 
  2. The Hague
  3. Madurodam (a.k.a "Holland in a nutshell").  
  4. Den Bosche
  5. Rotterdam
  6. Maastricht
  7. Kinderdijk
Guess we can call it the "lucky 7?"

There are some others we might try and fit in (Corey Ten Boom house, Anne Frank museum--although, we have seen it but just didn't have an opportunity to go IN it--and Delft), but there is only so much time...plus, I am sure we will be back here someday, right? 

But back to the "beach".
J#3 seemed to favor the playground over the beach.  
Until the sand toys came out. 
Game on. 

But then Mommy came out with the camera.
Destruction time. 


Adam & Ruthie said...

Look forward to tomorrow! Shall we check off #2 and #3? I'm interested in joining for #1- so keep me posted!

Tracey said...

We're going to Den Bosch on Wednesday...care to take the train and meet us there? It's market day there (bigger than eindhoven), and we're going to eat the famous "Bosche Ballen."
Also, you can always come back to NL and stay at Chateau Davis...we have plenty of room!

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