Inspiration Workshop

I am late to the game on this one but am now joining with Gussy Sews and her Inspiration Workshop.  Gussy is based in Minneapolis, so that makes her one of my FAVORITE blogs to read. Yup, just because she is in Minneapolis.

Plus she creates these beautiful bags, wristlets, and headbands. Maybe someday, like when J#4 is past the spit-up age (not that she does that much, because she really doesn't), and I have a few spare bucks lying around I will grab one of these.

And people, listen to this. SHE TAUGHT HERSELF how to sew. That is VERY impressive to me.  Inspiration, shall I say?
 # # #
But back to the topic at hand. The prompt this week is "your favorite color".  For the last several years of my life, that would be either orange or green.  Just a little different, but fun colors just the same. 

Now?   It's pink.
Pre-February 2011 (or maybe October 2010) I despised pink.  You wouldn't see it in our home or my closet.  Maybe it was because I didn't think I could be a good mom for a little girl.  Just because I am not really a "girly" girl, you know what I mean?
But when the opportunity presented itself (and I was hoping for a girl, I'll have you know) via a 20 week ultrasound...this girl, in all of her pink glory, snuck that color to the top of my list.  
And being a mom to a girl?  It's just coming naturally. 
How could I NOT love pink now?
Pink dresses, pink purses, little pink toenails...so much to look forward to. 
She has even gotten me to wear pink...

Although, I am guessing I will be veto'd in trying to use it in decorating (actually LOVE this room below) for the foreseeable future.

But maybe I can sneak it in...

with flowers...

or in J#4's room.  Cute, right?

These photos...and my little lady...are inspiration for me.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Sunny Vanilla said...

Your little girl is adorable! I have a little girl too and pink is all the craze. I'm lovin' that sweet little hat on her.

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Oh my goodness your lil girls is the preciousest thing ever! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!

And ps: PINK is my favorite color :)

Sunny Vanilla said...

Thanks for stopping by :-) i don't have a tute on the balloon wreath, but I'll email you and let you know what I did. I got the idea off Pinterest.

Sunny Vanilla said...

oops, don't see an email...basically i bought a styrofoam wreath from Hobby Lobby and pinned several balloons to it. Once it was covered, I took a couple smaller balloons and glued those over the balloons where pins were showing. I tied a picture frame that I thrifted to it and voila. Maybe I should do a tute on it ;-)

Jamie said...

Beautiful photos!!!! I have two little girls, and lucky me, because pink has ALWAYS been my favorite! :0)

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