Bucket List Progress: Update #1

Happy Saturday!  

It's the weekend, so that means it is time to play catch up, right?  

There are a few items on my bucket list that are sort of on-going items, or things that are a little harder to sum up and tie neatly in a post.  So every now and then I'll give you a bit of an update on what's happening with those items.  And today is one of those days.  

The photos throughout this post have NOTHING to do with the list.  Although, these munchkins do their hardest to distract me from it. And I guess the photos tie to #34. But only if you think they are good.  Hehe. 
34.  Learn how to take better photos

I am officially crossing this off the list. I have completed my online course, so I am up to speed on the basics of using my camera in manual mode.  This will ALWAYS be a work in progress, but hopefully you will continue to see better photos. 

36.  Write a book
I wrote a little about this yesterday.  I actually have a few ideas I am tossing around and have started taking notes so the fleeting thoughts that pass through my mind aren't lost. 

38.  Participate in an organized sporting event (i.e. biking event, 5K walk/run) 
Eek.  So, I am putting this out there so that I can be held accountable by all of you that check in with me from time to time.  A friend of mine from high school {and now, thanks to Facebook} have committed to doing the Turkey Day 5K in Minneapolis.  

So starting Labor Day (seem's fitting, right?), I am going to start the Couch to 5K program.  Eek.

39.  Read through the bible in 90 days (July 2011-October 2011)
A new session for reading through the bible in 90 days started back in July.  And I jumped right in.  We are about half-way through.  This will also help me with #41 (see below). 

40.  Write a list of 1000 gifts that I am thankful for. 
This is ongoing, and I have to be more committed to doing it every day.  Writing down things that I am grateful for each day lightens my mood.  And helps me to "live in the now". 

41.  Read the list of 100 books on the BBC list
Oye.  So, I decided to take this in the order it is listed on the list.  Which maybe wasn't a good idea.  Right now I am on The Lord of the Rings.  I know there are people who LOVE these books.  

I am not one of them.  

Maybe I am just not a fan of high fantasy books (at least that is what Wikipedia calls it). I am about 41% (thanks Kindle) through the trilogy.  I have to admit that I find anything to distract me from reading these books.  And that is not the kind of reader I am .  So I am going to put this out there so that, again, you can hold me accountable.  My goal is to finish these up (or get as far as possible with two little ones running and crawling around) this upcoming week.  I am usually a pretty fast reader, so that shouldn't be a problem (hopefully). 

I am really excited to move on to some of the next books, like Jane Eyre and even Harry Potter. The Bible is #6 on that list, so I should be able to check that one off in October. 

Do you have any other questions about my bucket list?  Write a comment below, and then I can answer it in an upcoming post! 

ONE MORE THING:  I just want to make sure that all of our friends {including online friends and readers} and family out on the east coast of the U.S. that we are thinking of them and they are in our prayers.  I can't stop checking online to see the progress of Hurricane Irene and wishing that she won't be as strong as they have been saying she may be.


Traci Michele said...

sooo sweet!

Nice to meet you.... following along with your blog now.

Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

Eva Gallant said...

I love your bucket list! I love even more the photos of your little ones! Great shots!

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