Just a quick post to check in and say hi! How do you do?  

We are across the ocean at "home" spending some much needed time with family and friends that we don't see very often these days! If only we had more time so we could see EVERYONE that we want to.  Guess we will just have to come back for another, longer visit.  :-)  

And today I turn 33.  Wow.  That number just keeps going up, doesn't it?  

In honor of the double 3 year, here are my three favorites: 

my favorite girl in my favorite store.  do you recognize it? 
my two favorite guys.  at the Acapulco, another favorite.
not too long after this photo, J#3 fell asleep.  on the booth.
he must be enjoying his visit.  

part 1 of #3.  my godson, Mitch.
i swear it was just yesterday he was smaller than J#4.
it was yesterday, wasn't it??? 

part 2 of #3.  Ben & Ellen, Mitch's brother & sister.
and our other nephew and niece.  the sweetest kids evah!
hope J#3 & J#4 grow up to be just like them. 

Oh, there are many more favorites, especially highlighted over the last few weeks and I will share more...that you can be sure of.     But probably not until I am back to the Netherlands.  For now, I am enjoying family, friends and food (too much of it, for sure!).



Stacie said...

Very cute. And Happy Birthday!!!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one!

Jen said...

@StacieThank you for the birthday wishes!

Jen said...

@Mom of the Twinkies and Tot!Thanks for the belated birthday wishes, it was a pretty good one, got to enjoy a good ole Minnesosta bbq.

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