Sunday Funday Favorites #2

Today WILL be a Sunday Funday for us.  We are driving up to The Hague to visit with our friend Ruth, check out the city and maybe even make a trip to Madurodam.  Which means we would be able to check off #2 AND #3 off our Holland Bucket List.  

Can't wait to share our day with you sometime this week. 

But for now, here are my Sunday Funday Favorites: 

Favorite Blog Post: 
A really long story about our Saturday night.

Evidently blog posts about eating out with children must REALLY resonate with me. This always stylish and beautiful mom relays an unfortunate (but have to admit, funny) dinner out with her family.  Pretty sure its only funny to me because I wasn't there.  Read, enjoy.  

Favorite Etsy Shop: 
Mountain Aven Baby:  Cute bibs, clothes and bags.  See the bib above?  This could be like a travel bucket list for J#4.  She'd at least be able to check one of them off already (Paris).  

Another fun find on Etsy.  Love it.  Would never buy it.  Why? 
$1899 + $400 shipping.  And that is shipping to the U.S.  Wonder how much it would be to ship to the Netherlands???

Favorite Pinterest Pin

Source: google.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Love, LOVE this kitchen wall.  Love Fiestaware.  Yes, I do. 

Favorite Photo: 
Those nights when Daddy gets home from traveling?  Priceless. 

Cheers to a good week ahead!

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