A peak...

...into our day.  

I spent a large part of the day cleaning and organizing (after a quick walk to the grocery store).  I even did a bit of baking.  

When it comes to the baking, I am a one-trick-pony. Perhaps I will show you in "What's Cookin' Wednesday".  But, even if I am a one trick pony, at least it smells good.  Mmm, banana bread. 

But the kiddies, they had a fun day (I think).  

She must be teething, right??? 

Hard to believe a few, short months ago her feet couldn't touch the ground in this do-hicky.  Now, she is moving her little car.  I'll have to get some video for you all. 

J#3 loves coloring right now. Even if they are those "color magic" markers that only make color where they are supposed to.  To him, they make color everywhere.  And to me, his coloring is beautiful. 

Happy Monday ya'all!

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