Merry-go-rounds and jellyfish. So much to "sea".

Our Sunday in Den Haag (or The Hague) continued from all things small (Madurodam's miniature Holland attractions) to all things BIG.  

Big, like the North Sea. 
I made a big deal about how this was J#4's first trip to an ocean or sea.  Insisted on a photo for her to remember it by. 
Hello, wind.  

Then I realized it was J#3's first trip to an ocean or sea too.  Luckily we had plenty of photos of him enjoying the warm breeze (and Daddy's shoulders) too. 
Both kids have me beat.  My first trip to the ocean was when I was nine.  On a trip to Florida and the infamous Disneyworld. 

We saw a couple of jellyfish that had ended up on shore.  I don't think I have ever seen a jellyfish in person (except behind glass at aquariums). 
Whenever I see or hear about jellyfish, I think of that one episode of Friends. You know which one I mean, don't you? 
This is our beautiful Den Haag host, Ruth.  We went to the same grade school and high school.  Both from the same suburb in Minnesota.  And we both ended up across the world in the Netherlands.  Talk about a small world, huh? 
And this is some random Dutch gentleman who evidently felt like he wanted to be featured in my blog.  Ha. Well, here you go sir. 
The boardwalk had a merry-go-round, which any fully equipped boardwalk should have.  J#3 has a love/hate relationship with merry-go-rounds.  For some reason, he HATES being on the horses that go up and down at the same time as he is going around in a circle.  But, luckily this one had a few seats that were stationary.  

He started out really excited about the elephant, but had last minute doubts, evidently.  So he had to wait for the next go around.  That gave him and Daddy some more time to figure out the perfect seat. 
An old fashioned car, it is.  I don't know how he could see where he was going with that foggy windshield.  

And then the ride ended.  You know what is coming, don't you? 
Poor boy.  But at 3 Euros (yes, THREE Euros) a ride, this would be a once in a lifetime experience for him. 

But, he got over it pretty soon.  Cause he got to ride a tram back to our car.  
This was about our fourth or fifth tram ride of the day.  So J#4 was an expert.  And after no nap, finally sat down to take a rest.  

Before heading out we checked out the sites of Den Haag from Ruth and her husband Adam's apartment.  12th floor, lucky girl. 
 That big building?  The Peace Palace.  Beautiful building.  
On a clear day, with this view, you could see the sea.  How awesome is that?? 

Pretty cool, although I think J#3 would probably be more excited about hanging out with their puppy. 
2 out of 7 items completed on the Holland Bucket List.   Guess it is time to make some more plans... 

So, what do you remember about your first trip to the ocean (or sea)?  

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Stacie said...

Definitely have to take pics of the first trip to the ocean/sea! I think I was probably about your same age (9ish) when I saw the ocean. I think it was Daytona beach in Florida.
Jellyfish TOTALLY freak me out. Love to look at the moonjellies at the zoo, but no free-swimming jellies thank-you-very-much. And I know EXACTLY the Friends episode to which you are referring... :)

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