Future BFFs

There were so many great reasons to be back in Minnesota for a visit.  One of the many highlights for me was to hang out with some of our best friends.   And, to introduce J#4 to a few of her future BFF's (at least that is what I am hoping). 

J#4 and Miss M meeting for the first time.
Not sure if Miss M was lunging for J#4 or J#1.  Tehehe.

We are so lucky that two of my greatest girl friends had little girls just a few months before J#4 was born.  Can't wait for the future shopping trips and spa days we can have while the guys are out golfing (or whatever they want to do with their time-won't be of concern to us, right?).  

Miss M was born at the end of September, so is just about four months older than J#4.  
holding hands.  love it! 
 telling secrets already? 

J#4 got to join Miss M's mama and me on her inaugural outlet mall shopping trip.  Remember this pic?  

yup, pretty sure this girl got the shopping gene from me.  :-) 

And then there is Miss L.  She was born at the end of October, just in time for Halloween.  Perfect for her Halloween loving mama.  And just three months older than our little J#4.
pretty girls in purple and pink
Miss L has an older brother,
who is just about exactly a year older than J#3.
I see many play dates in our future.  
Oh, and I am guessing you know how difficult it is to get a good photo of four children who are three and under.  But just in case you were wondering...

Yes, that would be my future WWE (wrestling) star (please no!) throwing out a big bear hug on the group. 

p.s.  this was #6 of 6 posts...but like I said the other day, I am going to keep this truck moving.  
p.s.s.  this could be a feature about J#3 and his future bffs (both of these girl's brothers), but boys who are 2, 3 and 4 just don't like to sit very still for photos together.  :-) 

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