Sunday Funday Favorites #3

Hey ya'll!  Ready for the last week of summer?  

Well, it is what I consider the last week of summer, just before Labor Day in the United States.  We don't have "labor day" here in the Netherlands but in this house it will be the last week of summer too. 

Next week, I start the couch to 5K (eek!).  But for now, I'm still on the couch. At least when I am not walking to the grocery store and park, making laundry trips up the stairs and playing with the kiddos on the floor.   

Here are a few of my favorites from the couch this week...  

Favorite Blog Post: 
A brief return to wedding photography

The mastermind behind the online photography course I took has a blog too. This post features a recent wedding that she photographed, so you can enjoy the photos. But the real reason I enjoyed the post was the story about the wedding location. If you have a few spare seconds, check it out.     

Favorite Etsy Shop: 
Truche Handmade Accessories & Creations
Check out this great necklace.  Not from Minnesota?  She has a lot of states and different countries too.

Abbie's House
This is probably a bit much for us right now, but seems like a fun option for a chore chart. 

Favorite Pin

Can you tell that chore charts are on my mind right now?  I think we are a few years away from chore charts.  Or are we?  Either way, I think these are adorable for a DIY option.  

& here is another pin: 

Source: yfrog.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Favorite Photo: 
Technically speaking, this photo isn't the greatest.  But just warms a woman's heart.  Specifically, mine.  

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