Top 10 done? Check, check, check.

About three and a half months ago I put together a list of the top 10 things I missed about "home".    

As a wrap up of our trip back to Minnesota, I thought I would revisit the list.  Make sure I can check each of the items off.  And now, as I look at the list, I am reminded again that I need to start taking more photos to be successful at this blog thing!  

Here it goes:   

10.   Caribou Coffee:Check, check, and check.  My new favorite?  The Campfire Mocha Cooler.  My first time trying it was just before the concert

9.     Oh, so many foods:Cheese-its,Reese's PB Cups, Chedderwhurst?  Check, check, and check!

8.    Girls Scout Cookies: 
So, it is the wrong time of year in MN for girl scout cookies.  But thanks to Keebler, who has copied the thin mint cookies and Somoa's, I did get a chance to get a "taste" of these. 

7.     Going out to eat:  
Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Numnum. 
Oh, you bet.  From Kincaid's (thanks for the date night Mom!) to Chili's (thanks for toughing it out Colleen!) to Red Lobster (thanks for helping me corral a crabby 2-year-old Lori!) and more, we got to eat out A LOT. 

6.    Cheap clothes:
Oh, yes.  Outlet mall, Old Navy (yeah Groupon!), summer sales everywhere and... 

5.   Target:
Of course.  Like every other day.  And about 95% of those trips DID have a purpose.  And of course introduced J#4 to it as well.
 4.    Knowing the language: Other than trying to translate what J#3 was saying, I did, in fact, understand everyone.

3.    Having a car:
Yup.  From St. Joseph to Big Lake to Edina and everywhere in between, our rental car made the rounds.  

2.    Pizza:I shall let the pictures speak for themselves...

my fave 
J#3 looking for another piece
J#3 loving Broadway Pizza (J#1's fave) too 

1.      Family and Friends.   
Like you even have to ask?  Oh, wait, you didn't.  But, I will tell you anyways--we saw a whole bunch of our family and friends...again, the photos speak better for themselves...and there have already been quite a few in previous posts.  But, for good measure, here are a few more: 
with uncle Doug

with Grandma Clara

with Miss Christina

J#3 and Miss M. playing together

hanging with Miss Colleen

breakfast with Ben and Ellen

pizza with Miss Barb

relaxing with Grandma Barb

playing with Tony, and Miss Lori too!
I know I don't need to say it, but but I am looking forward to our visit this fall... 

p.s.  I know I mentioned a J#4 baptism post, and that is still to come!  Maybe even today...as part of another post. 

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