Andma! Dadada!

J#3 is slowing adding to his vocabulary (yahoo!), yet still not including all the letters in certain words, like grandma and grandpa. As his translator, though, there are a few words that I have been to figure out.  

For instance, when he sits at the kitchen table and points at our family photos on the shelf and say "andma!" and "dadada" (his dad's dad--makes sense, right?)I know he is talking about some of his favorite people.  He does not have special names to identify specific grandparents with yet, but I am sure that will come with time.

I grew up essentially without grandparents (my only living grandma passed away when I was seven years old), so I am so very excited to see the relationships between J#3 and J#4 and their grandparents develop over time.  The few memories I have with my Grandma Alvina are special, and I know our kids' memories will be too.

J#1's grandparents were all around into his twenties, and he has great memories with them. Listening to his stories relating their adventures is the best.   

During our recent trip, J#3 and J#4 definitely learned that being around grandmas and grandpas comes with great benefits. 
 new toys

help getting INTO the toys

special treats

and cuddles

p.s.  This is day 5 of 6 in my six-day pledge.  I think I might just keep going though. Daily posts?  It just might be possible people!

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