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That term brings to mind the fact that I am always lookin forward, wondering what is going to happen next.  What will happen next year, when I am a year older?  How will my kids be when they are older?

What do we need to do now to be ready for being older? For being retired?

So many questions.  Reminds me too of the original question from when I was a kid,  "what I am going to be when I grow up (=older)?"

I am still trying to figure that out.  When I was very young, before I likely realized what work was, I wanted to be a lawyer.  I have no idea why.

Once I actually developed an interest in something, I had another dream profession.  To be a writer.  I worked towards that from that day on.  I think it was about 5th grade when I had decided that?

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So during junior high, I wrote for our small (and I went to a Catholic school, so it was small) newspaper.  I went to high school, and did everything I could (including getting up to start school at 6:40 (!)) to be able to take Journalism class my sophomore year.  And I achieved a goal by being an editor for two years.

Then, I went off to college.  The "writing" goal had taken on a bit of a new life, and landed in wanting to be a journalist.  My college choice happened because I thought TV journalism would be the way to go.

Oh the dreams.

After graduation, I found myself in the Twin Cities, and thus gave up a bit on the "writing" dream.  Because in  my head I thought it would be too hard.

Now I find myself with the opportunity to indulge in that dream occupation.  The original one of being a writer.  I have the time to write a book.  So maybe I will just have to jump in and do it.  It is on my bucket list, after all.

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Okay...just needed to finish this up, so I guess I am breakin' da rules today.  I think I went up to about six minutes.  As I do each most Fridays, today I joining the crowd at The Gypsy Mama. Please head over there and check out some other bloggers thoughts on "Older".  This should be an interesting week.  There could be so many ways to take this prompt.


Kimberly said...

So glad you're finding the time to answer the question 'What will I be when I grow up?'. Keep writing and dreaming!

The Wild Optimist said...

LQTM (laughed quietly to myself) as I read along- so much in common! I'm GLAD you went six minutes, too:) Lovely post! Right there with you, friend!

Kris said...

Ahh the dream, the fear, then realizing the dream again.. I walk this path with you! Lovely post, keep going... God bless you!

HopeUnbroken said...

yes, keep dreaming, keep finding the time to pursue the dream, even if it's bits at a time. blessings on your day!

Triple Braided said...

I am still asking that question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Best wishes on pursuing your writing dream and good for you for having so much courage!

Have a great weekend!

Amy @ Never-True Tales said...

No one ever tells you you'll be answering the 'what to be when you're grown up' question for decades, do they? Love this musing. Thank you!

Eva Gallant said...

I'm 67 and still not sure what I will be when I grow up; I've been a teacher, a car salesperson, an insurance sales rep, and an investment sales rep, to name a few things I've done! I wish I had started writing sooner. I am working on a book, too. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello!

BARBIE said...

What do I want to be when I grow up? I find that I am always changing course. I too when I was younger wanted to be a journalist. I loved to write. But never had much experience, until blogging entered my life. Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Jen said...

Praying that as God leads you in this new adventure of writing, I pray that you would continually feel His peace and encouragement.

Lindsey V said...

Oh! I love how you had a dream from the time you were in 5th grade and continued to pursue it, and although the "face" of it has changed, that little 11 year old girl KNEW what she wanted to do and you are fulfilling HER dreams....it's just beautiful!!

Oh...P.S.....thanks for stopping by my blog....

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