Wordless Wednesday (well, almost)

Let me tell you a bit about this egg: 
  1. Well, it almost made me gag. 
  2. Made me realize I REALLY need to check the eggs before leaving the store. 
  3. But then I decided I might have gagged in the store, and well, that wouldn't have been pretty. 
  4. Has me thinking organic is definitely the way to go. 
  5. I might be a bit naive, but did, in fact, wonder if there could be a little chick in there. 
  6. Yes, we cracked it.  There was just a yolk and the egg white inside. 
  7. Whew. 
  8. Yes, I made J#1 do the cracking. 
  9. And I made sure to wash my hands VERY well before continuing to cook. 
  10. Without that egg. 


Farmgirl Paints said...

ewww! can't believe you cracked it. you are a brave soul;)

Ashlee said...

I get truly organic eggs from a farm, and feathers and feces happen all the time. The people at the farm try their best to clean them with just water, but a lot of the time I find feathers and poop stuck to the eggs lol

Jen said...

@Becky--My hubby did the cracking, NO way was I doing it myself. What if there would have actually BEEN a chick or something??? EEEK!
@Ashlee--Really??? So that wouldn't help matters? Maybe I should just toughen up, huh?

Tracey Davis said...

yeah, Jen, I buy eggs from the farm right around the corner, and they just plop the eggs into a container (that I bring myself). I have to wash them when I get home. The organic eggs at Genneper park would be the same. Sorry to break it to you! Maybe you'll learn to be ok with it from living here, and then you can raise your own chickens like we plan to.

Jen said...

So I AM naive when it comes to eggs. Guess just chalk this up to "you learn something new everyday".

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