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Last week, I linked up with Sweet Shot Tuesday over at Life with My Three Boybarbians.  It was a short & sweet sweet & short post.  I just shared a few photos.  But this time, well, it isn't going to be quite as short.

Remember how I said I took about 400 photos on Saturday?  Saturday was a totally random, normal, weekend day in the life of the J's. We hung around the house and headed to the park in the afternoon. Those are the best kind of days.  Living in the moment and enjoying our kids at the age that they are.

Plus, we had the park all to ourselves.

Not to worry, I am not going to share all 400.  I actually deleted so many (blurry, etc.) that I am down to 232.

Not going to share 232 photos either.
Love these 3.  So much.   
 I tried to have daddy hide so I could get a photo of the
little J's by themselves.  That didn't work...sorry Grandma.  

J#4 is sitting all the time now.   And I almost got a smile.  She has been teething, so it is a rarity to 
get her in a photo with a smile.  She is making me work for it.  :-) 

Favorite photo of the day.  Giddy-up, Daddy!

This boy is NOT a hand holder, but lately he has been doing it a bit on his own.  
When we are crossing the street? Fights it just about every time.  Figures. 

Hold on Dad, I gotta take a call. 

Oooh, I think I have spotted the elusive smile!



J#4 watching the guys play.  If only she wouldn't EAT the sand if we put her down there to play.

And her usual m.o. these days.  Pouty lips. 

What up red cheek boy? 


Like sands through the... well, its not an hourglass.  But these ARE the days of our lives. 

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The Blonde Duck said...

Love the neck hug!

How do you like couch to 5K?

Erika B said...

So important to get those every day shots. My girls love to go back and look at what we did and what they were wearing etc.

Erika B

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