Sunday Funday Favorites #4

Evidently I like to change my blog design about as much as like to change around furniture.  Which is a lot.   Hopefully you can bear with me until I find "the one".  I think this one might be it...but we will have to wait and see.

Can I tell you a secret?

Well, it isn't very juicy, but I'll tell you anyway.

Yesterday I took 400 photos (before deleting out the really bad ones).  400!  We weren't even touring anything.  Just hanging out at home and a trip to the park.  Obsessed much?  Yes, I believe I am.

I'm sure some of the photos will be showing up here and there over the next few weeks.

But for now, it is my Sunday tradition.  Sunday Funday Favorites!  And I have a whole bunch for you this week.  I was bookmarking favorites all week long.

Favorite Blog posts: 
Kelle Hampton is in the list of my "top 5 blogs" to read anytime she has a post. She is so incredibly inspiring and in love with her job as a mom.  Here are a few of her post this week that struck a chord with me:
Unplugged, Plugged: Hallmark
Favorite Day

Are you as ready for fall as I am?  The candles, warm clothes, and scents of pumpkin and spice?  If you're not, check out this post from Between You & Me, and you'll be ready for fall in minutes.

Have you ever heard of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library?  Awesome concept, but not available to me.  Essentially, you can register your child and they will get a free book each month until their fifth birthday, delivered right to your house.  You should definitely check this post out to find out more about it and if it is available in you community.

Favorite Etsy Finds: 
Isn't this distressed wood sign brilliant?  This shop, called Show Me a Sign, has several other great signs to choose from, including some Christmas items (just in case you are getting in the mood for that...which I know a few of you likely are).

My other secret (well, maybe it isn't such a secret) obsession is with office supplies.  Notebooks (like the one above), pens, folders, you name it, I could go mad shopping and buying these.  I have tried to put myself on an "office supply diet", if you will, so for now I will just be pining after these awesome notebooks, calendars and other awesome stuff at redstarINK's Etsy store

Favorite pins: 

This woman made her dining room a playroom. Awesome, because the kids are sort of "in the center" of everything, but have their own room.  And then she used a dresser for toy storage.  That is a great way to keep all of the small items up off the floor when they aren't being used.  

And this next idea.  Brilliant.  Revolutionary (okay, maybe not that drastic, but it is very cool): 

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Have an old crib?  You probably can't hand it down, because it has a drop-side, and those are a big no-no now.  What do you do?  Make it a desk.  Love, LOVE, LOVE this idea. 

Favorite Photos: 
 every two year old needs a cordless phone (with no battery) for a walk to the park, right? 

no caption needed

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