Five Minute Friday: Rest

Whew. Friday. Who's with me on that?

Alright...linking up again this week to The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday.

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Rest. I look forward to getting some rest.

Being mama to a two year old and six seven month old can be a bit tiring. Especially when J#1 is traveling for work so I am on my own.
Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining...just stating a fact.

Because it is all worth it. The messy rooms. The messy faces. The laundry, the dishes...you know the drill.
To see my adorable children smiling up at me from the crib or bathtub? Priceless.
In a few years, when they are both more independent, maybe there will be more rest?  Or maybe we will have to wait eighteen years or so.  Whatever.  Either way, I will be enjoying the moment.
Enjoying her toothless, gummy grin while I still can {a tooth breaking thru as we speak!}.
Enjoying his babble that I can't always understand for now. Because he isn't quite at the "why" phase, lucky me.
Enjoying their cute brother-sister time, which of course he is pretty much "leading" right now. But that is the way it supposed to be.

Rest comes at nap time. Rest comes at bed time. Thank God for sleep, right?

Thank God for these two little blessings that keep me awake. That help make it easier for me to rest.

What would tire me out, if it wasn't for them? What would help me fall asleep dreaming of a bright future, if it wasn't for them?

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P.S.  Photos were added after the five minutes.  Just wanted to make sure you knew.


Kris said...

You are so right, this mothering thing is tiring, and leaves little time for resting, but i love how you put it, that these babies give us hope and dreams... praying you find time to rest this weekend.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love her bow!

Mary De Bastos said...

October is soon! I hope you get all the paperwork finished, that's always the hardest part!

Falkirk is in-between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is a nice suburb/farming area. So, if your husband works there it is a nice place to be!!

You'll be just a quick train ride to either Glasgow or Edinburgh for all the things you want. Glasgow and Edinburgh are such different cities, it would be nice to be equal distance from both without having to be IN either of them.

We definitely have to get together when you get here! Let me know if you need help moving or unpacking! Expats have to stick together!

AB HOME Interiors said...

Oh yes I am ready for some rest!

Tiffany said...

It's tough when you are down to one parent. My husband is traveling next week, so I'll be in the same boat. Hang in there!
Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama.

BARBIE said...

Oh they grow up so quickly. When my children were little, I hardly had any rest. Now that they are grown up, I still have no rest. But I am learning to reach up and find rest in the presence of God, even amongst the piles of laundry, the full-time job, etc. Blessings!

Nics cAHILL said...

What a lovely post - your children are adorable, I love the photographs of them. Blessings to you all. You most makes me excited about being a mama, soon I hope and pray. Even though it will be tiring, what an honour. Your joy in your family and your children is so wonderful to read. Happy Friday Jenny.

Stacie said...

It IS a tiring job for sure, especially with yours as little as they are. Good things they're stinking cute. :) Praying you find some rest this weekend...

AB HOME Interiors said...

They're precious! Have a great weekend, and get some much deserved rest!


Lindsey V said...

Your children are ABSOLUTELY adorable!!

I love how you said at the end that BECAUSE of them you have learned what rest, hope, joy for the future really mean.


Thanks, also, for your kind comments at my blog!!

Great to connect via Five Minute Friday!

AndreaLeigh said...

oh I totally get what you mean! sometimes I long to just lay down and nap or sleep in. those days are few and far between... but my child's sweet face makes it all worthwhile!

cute kids! great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day! I really do appreciate it. Hope you will visit again sometime!

Jen said...

Beautiful, beautiful words, pictures, thoughts. Treasuring up those memories, it sounds a bit restful.

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