Couch to 5K? Yup, I started it.

I just ran for the very first time in my life.

Yes, you read right.  I have never run, before tonight, in my life.  Except, perhaps out of necessity to catch a...   Well, guess I probably never have.

Okay, maybe to catch J#3.  But that was probably more like a saunter.

"Didn't you do 'the mile' back in junior high and high school", you ask?  Nope.  I got out of it {which I thought was a good thing at the time} because of a heart condition I was born with.
So why start now?  First, my 'defective part' was replaced about seven years ago.   I figure after having two children my heart should be strong enough to run about three and a half miles.  And since moving to the Netherlands I have lost a bunch of weight.  So, I am probably in the best shape I have been in well...in the last seven years.
And, of course, #38 on my bucket list is to participate in an organized sport event, such as a 5K.  Which, I am going to do on Thanksgiving, in Minneapolis. So my partner in crime {a friend from high school and now-thanks to Facebook} and I are training and hope to be ready to go in November.

So...wish me luck?   Oh, and any tips on running or awesome music for my running playlist would be much appreciated.

And now...I am going to go fall over.


Nics Cahill said...

Brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant. You can and will do it. I started running in a similar vein 18 months ago amazing! You will feel so good. Download jeff Galloway and follow on twitter. He is fab and lots of good pointers. You can do it! I started with 5k to. Go Jen. Nics

Stacie said...

Good for you! (It's way easier than having babies, so you're good to go).

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