It's the Little Things {like FedEx and duffel bags}

I am getting more excited each week {okay, so it has only been two weeks, but still} about this link-up party.  It is truly a good way to build up my list of 1000 gifts {I just need to remember to transfer them over there, wink, wink}.  Plus,  I have made it a photography challenge for myself.  And challenge it is, especially when most of them are taken inside. 

And people.  It is hard, very hard, to make a photo of a duffel bag look interesting.  Read on to see what I mean... 

#   #   #
 "A Fedex envelope Jen?  Really??"  Oh, yes, a Fedex envelope.  See we have some of our mail forwarded to an address in Florida (via usabox.com in case you are interested) so that it is cheaper for folks in the U.S. to send us packages and for things like the mortgage, etc.  When we send it over here to ourselves it gets delivered 2 day Fedex.  And they usually require a signature, which means I have to coordinate the mailing to make sure it is a day that me and the kiddos can be home all morning.  Have I lost you yet?  Hopefully not.  Anyway, there was a delivery scheduled for this past Monday.  Good deal, we had some friends over so knew we would be around.  Except the buzzer to call our house (there is a locked gate) was broken. So they couldn't call to be let in for the signature.  Which would have meant a trip to their office to pick it up.  But, then, magically, the envelope appeared in our mailbox a few days later.  Score!

 Coffee.  Coffee with a message.  "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you've imagined."  -Thoreau
 Love this mug.  See the chip?  Still not getting rid of it.

Lots of days crossed off.  79% {thanks Kindle} of the way through the Bible in 90 days.  I may have read ahead a bit.  We are now in the New Testament, which I really, truly appreciate.

A duffel bag.  {not actually packed yet, but a flattened duffel is even HARDER to make interesting}   Waiting to be packed for a {rental} house hunting trip in Scotland.  Yahoooooooooooo!

Oh, and my challenge for the day?  Fitting clothes for six days for four people in that one bag.  I'll let you know how it goes...

Candle and wine.  Relaxation.  So glad to have J#1 home again.  I can take a breath, and let him run after J#3 for a bit.

#  #  #

Linking up with Lindsay...go check out what little things everyone else are excited about this week.

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Monica @ CreativeGator said...

I am always excited to get something in the mail. Especially when it is fun goodies I ordered online. ;-) Enjoy your trip to Scotland! I am excited to be going out of town just for the weekend to visit my family to celebrate a birthday. Hope you have a great trip and weekend!

the world so sweet said...

Im jealous of your mail and that you're going on a trip and you had your moment with wine and a candle. you know how to do it :) great post.

Whitney said...

You did a great job taking a picture of that duffel bag! I love to travel so seeing that makes me happy! If only I could travel to Scotland! Enjoy your trip and have a great weekend! :)

AshleaD said...

Love the post - AND OMG bachelor pad! haha I think Blake is just a little slimy, but can't put my finger on why... love Michael though! Thanks for stopping by!

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