Five Minute Friday: Growing

Linking up again this week for Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama.

The prompt this week?  Growing.
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Usually when I think of the word growing I think about my kids.  They are growing so quickly, mostly in a literal sense.  It is amazing to think about how much J#3 has changed since this time two years ago (when he was just six months old).

But, today I am going to focus on me.  I try to not to do that too much, but once in a while I think it is good for me to reflect.  And this last {almost} year has been one for the books.

Nothing like taking a girl from not only the state {did that before}, but the country she has known and loved her entire life, and put her into a whole new land with folks who speak a different language and live a bit of a different lifestyle.

And the growing began.

First, more walking, much less driving {although that had something to do without having a car}.  Which meant being more fit, and having to be smarter about planning for grocery trips.  Otherwise, you end up with broken hooks on your stroller.

Then, stepping outside of a comfort zone.  Going to a mums & toddlers group where there were NO known entities.

And it just spiraled from there.  A lot of the growing has taken place in the confines and and comforts of our home.  For me to stick with something {reading the Bible in 90 days, couch to 5K, THIS BLOG}?  Big, HUGE change.

But there is still growing to be done.  And maybe it will be in Scotland, but it will happen.


Bummer, dude.  I had more to say!!  Maybe another day....

Here is the link, check out some of the other fantastic bloggers, including my blogging buddy Tracey at Control the Chaos.  Love her reflection on how motherhood has helped her grow. So true.


Jennifer Camp said...

Dear Jenny, Wow, this is a lot of change -- and so beautiful how you have dove into it all, with grace, determination, and patience. Your post offers courage through your example. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. that is some serious change.
I would have loved to hear more.
stinkin 5 minute rule.

Brittany said...

I'm crossing my fingers for a part II :)

Val said...

I've loved reading your blog because I admire yuo so much. I've braced for changes like that as a Navy wife andsome of them have come, but I've never been in a whole new country. I'm sure it HAS been a tremendous growing experience and I admire the grace you show as you process it here.

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