Top Ten Tuesday #2

So, I find myself at a hotel in Scotland that has limited internet.  Ugh. 

It is good though.  Good for me to remember life without internet.  Who knows how quickly it will get set up once we move here {to Scotland}, so I need to be prepared for that.

In honor of that, and finding the positive in any situation {trust me, I know this is pretty small in the big scheme of things}  here is my top 10 for the week: 

Top 10 reasons NOT having internet is a GOOD thing: 
1.  There is absolutely no excuse for me to not go running.  Although, in truth, the internet shouldn’t ever be excuse.  But when you have not internet, well…its just one more thing that isn't taking my attention from exercising. 
2.  Naps.  ‘Nuff said.
3.  Reading. 
4.  Being a bit adventurous, trying to find things do outside of our hotel.  Like heading to the local outlet mall.  Which has an awesome play area.
5.  Spending quality cuddle time with the family.  Watching T.V.  Because it’s  hard to cuddle with a computer on your lap, right?
6.  Leisurely taking our time eating.  Mostly because of the awesome play areas here in the restaurants.   
7.  Did I mention running?   It’s just a big deal for me, so there. 
8.  Being centered on our family, in general.  Internet can be a huge, big distraction.
9.  Shopping {see #4 above}.
10. Writing.  Although with no internet, there aren’t many people to share it with.

P.S.  Booo....hiss....the internet that I CAN get here is too slow to upload photos.  Because I had a couple of good ones for you...but I will get them up eventually.  Will just have to do an extra post sometime.  :-) 

And I can't even get the link ups done.  Boo.  Hissss... at a later time, I guess.


Tracey Davis said...

Glad to hear you are finding things to occupy your time. Me, well, as you can see I am here reading your blog instead of...folding laundry, reading, cooking, and emptying the dishwasher. I'm a very good procrastinator.

kelli-AdventurezInChildRearing said...

Jenny- I'm in your #B90days group! glad you are getting to do your reading- don't know if you will get this while you are traveling but I am praying for your safe journey! God bless-

Whitney said...

Having no internet is definitely a blessing in disguise. Wishing sometimes I was forced to get off the computer! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

It's amazing how much you can get done without internet!

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