Holland Bucket List: an update & Den Bosche

Okay folks, so lets get real here for a minute.

There are only so many days in a month.  Real life creeps in, with work travel and rainy days.  Moves get a bit more defined, and weekends identified to do this and that.

So a few changes to the Holland Bucket List have to be made.  What's going to change?

  1. The Museum of Bags & Purses in Amsterdam.     Headed here on Sept. 23, since we need to be in Amsterdam for our biometric fingerprints that day 
  2. The Hague Completed August 2011
  3. Madurodam (a.k.a "Holland in a nutshell").   Completed August 2011
  4. Den Bosche Completed April 2011
  5. Rotterdam  Planned for today, Saturday Sept. 10
  6. Maastricht  Maybe, maybe not...
  7. Kinderdijk Planned for today, Saturday Sept. 10
So, essentially, we are probably taking Maastricht off the list.

And Den Bosche?  Well, the kids and I have actually been there.  Its a charming town not too far from where we are living, and we wanted to get to spend more time there, but such is life, right?  

The best part of our visit to Den Bosche was that we were with a Netherlands native, so as we toured one of the churches there she was telling us of how she had been baptized there.  Cool, right?  
This is the main market area in Den Bosche.  Their market takes place on Wednesday, and it sounds like it is awesome.  Also, they are supposed to have scrumptios Bosche Bollens (cream puffs), so if you have the chance to visit...make sure to try them. 
Can you tell these photos are from before I took my photography course?

Den Bosche is a charming town, with a truly European feeling to it.  Oh, and J#3 got to visit with some old friends. 
 Looks like Arthur might be telling him some sort of secret here, doesn't it?

So there you have it.  Today we are off to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk.  Windmills, here we come.

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