A move update & Saturday (?!) Funday Favorites

Saturday can be fun day too, right?

Well, in my little bloggie world here, it is for sure going to be a fun day.  Because this week I'm moving my Sunday Funday Favorites to Saturday to make room for a special post on Sunday. Got that?

# # #

I have been laying awake at night this week for some reason.  No idea why.

Maybe it is adrenaline from running at night?  Or, I don't know, maybe it is our move that is coming up soon.

We are getting closer and closer to have a concrete move date.  We head to Scotland in the next few weeks to do some rental house shopping {yahoo--one of my all time favorite things!}, and once we know when a lease would be available, that will give us a move date.

But you know what the "laying awake at night" means here?  More pins!  I have the pinterest app on my ipod touch {LOVE!}, and its how I pass my "trying to get sleepy, but occupying my time quietly as to not wake up J#1 and J#4" time.

So...hope you find something you like here, I know I did.

Favorite Blog Posts: 
Miss Mommy's "Mommy needs a Time Out":    Oh, I feel her frustration.  And I sort of feel like she was spying on me. Just a bit.

Steady Mom's "Children are not adults":  So true, and such a good reminder.  Better keep this one around to go back to from time to time.

Favorite Etsy Finds: 
Yum Cloth Napkins
This helps me get excited for turkey day.  Yeah, I know...it isn't even Halloween yet.  Check out all of La Famille @ home's fall line, some really charming stuff.  {plus, she is having a summer sale!  good deals.  score!}  She also has a pretty fun blog too.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar - Vinyl Wall Decals
Love, love, love.   Thanks to Control the Chaos for featuring it on her blog, so I could find it!
You can find it at Simple Shapes on Etsy.  Looks like they have several different wall decals. Always perfect when living in a rented home.  Or you like to change things a lot.  {Like me.}

Favorite Pinterest "pins":

True that.

handprint makes bonfire...and if you like this, just wait until I get in the Christmas mood.  Which I am thinking might be soon.  Very soon.

Awesome book storage option.

I love me some creative storage/display ideas.

Favorite Photo: 
 Just kidding.  

Don't let her fool you.  This is a happy face.
Miss Princess is developing more of a personality.  So fun.

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