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I almost didn't publish this post.

Because, really, isn't this pretty obvious?  I only talk about it in practically ever other post {especially any that deal with what I miss the most from Minnesota...like here and here and here}.

Some hints?

Of course, it is Target.  I can be inspired on any trip there. From clearance sections (for scrapbooking, home decoration, organization and well, pretty much everything else), to recipes and samples (a la SuperTargets, my FAVE) to the Dollar Spot.  Who can't find inspiration there???

"Anything else?" you ask, since Target is a given.  "Any other stores you wish you could spend hours in for inspiration? "

Yup,  HomeGoods.

I wasn't even a frequent shopper there prior to our across the pond.

But then I wasn't a "full-time homemaker" spending hours poring over blogs and fantastic ideas brewed up by my counterparts.

Now?  Well, J#1 might want to watch the credit card bill when we head back this winter for a visit {I kid, I kid...or do I?  Well, yeah, I do.  We would have to fit it in our suitcases.  Boo.}

But look at this cute stuff you can get there:

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

Yup, I could definitely be inspired.

Linking up again this week with Gussy Sews. Guess what one of her favorites is???  Yup.  Tarjay Boutique, which is my fancy pants way of saying it.  Ha!  This girl has some good taste.  Also love Patina, a local Minneapolis shop that is one of her picks.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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