My Wednesday Surprise...

So, remember that surprise that I told you about on Monday?  I told you I would tell you about on Wednesday.  Well, it's Wednesday now.

And I don't lie peeps.  Here it is!

I have met a few people here in the Netherlands that will be life-long friends.  You know the kind...right?  Those people that you identify with, and that you don't want to lose touch with...even though you have only known them for less than a year.  This lady is one of them.

She is inspiring (running a marathon next month, yo!), supportive, and a wealth of knowledge.  And she a big fan of living intentionally, simply and "in the moment", which is what we all know I aspire to.

So here she is.  Beautiful, right?   She is going to tell you about our new plan for Wednesday's.

#   #  #
Hi.  I'm Tracey from Control The Chaos.  I am wife to a husband who travels frequently for work, mother to 2 Bigs and a Little, and part time pediatric occupational therapist.  I write about keeping our lives simple and chaos-free, so we have time to enjoy each other and our crazy adventures of living in a foreign country.

Jen and I are real life friends here in the Netherlands who share a passion for blogging, family, and making the most of every moment.  She invited me to come guest post today and introduce a new feature we are both adding to our blogs.

Every other week, I'll be making my appearance here.  Jen is going to give me a new challenge each week, and I'll blog about my experience.  On the off weeks, you can find Jen over at  my blog.  She'll be writing about a challenge I give to her.

We both have a goal to live more well rounded, intentional lives.  To seize the moment and make pure, joyful memories that won't be crowded out by all the complexities of life.  We agree that a great way to work towards that goal is to draw from each others' strengths and expand our own horizons.

Stick with us on this new adventure; I think it will be exciting and entertaining.  Or at least it will give you a good laugh now and then.

#   #  #

Thanks Tracey...can't wait to share the journey with you.  

And the challenges. Am I nervous?  Yup, just a bit.  But that is what living in the moment is all about, right? 

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The Blonde Duck said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend!

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