Xpat Blog Hop: click, click, click

The prompt for this week's Xpat Blog hop:  Share with us links, books, resources that you have found indispensable since moving to your expat country

Google maps:  I would have been lost without this.  {hardy har har}

Google translate: If it weren't for google translate, I would have had to depend on this monster.

facebook.com:  great way to connect with new friends I have met here, while still keeping in touch with everyone "back home"

Google chrome:  If you download this and use it as your internet browser, it automatically translate most Dutch web-sites to English. 

Skype: video conferencing, up there with the best inventions of all time. 

Mums & Toddlers group:  if you are moving to a non-English speaking country, I encourage you to RUN, not walk, to your closest mums & toddlers group.  An excellent resource for friendships, information and play time for the littles.

Cultural Dimensions of Expatriate Life in The Netherlands by Bill Drake.  This is interesting read, but not essential.  Although it does give some interesting information about Dutch culture (such as Birthdays, coffees, etc.).  It did seem a bit outdated, but still pretty practical information.

And, of course, blogs.  Like Tales of Windmill Fields, which is who I am linking up with.  Make sure to check out her site to find out what other Xpats recommend as helpful tools, resources and sites.

P.S.  Even though it may seem like it, this was in no way sponsored by Google.  I just love Google.


Windmill Tales said...

Thanks for linking! And for the lovely mention. I must admit I too would be lost without Google especially the translate. Though it does give me a good laugh every so often when it does translate somethings Like it calls my boss Mr Cheese!!

Emma said...

What would we do without Google! and I so agree with the toddler group advice, it's what kept me sane when I moved.

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