Inspiration Workshop: Vintage

Alright friends, you get TWO posts today!!

Do you want to know why?   Well, I am going to tell you anyways...

I WON one of the giveaways from Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop last week.  So that has inspired me to take part in it again!

Remember, she makes these great ruffled accessories, handmade in Minneapolis?  I won one of the medium zippered pouches.  Yippee!!  I picked out this one.

So this week, the prompt is VINTAGE.

#  #  # 

When I think vintage I think "older & awesome".  If it isn't awesome, well...then, it would just be old.

So my mind wanders.  Hmm, it seems to do that a lot these days.

But today when I think vintage I think of one of my oldest and best friends (as in have known the longest, not old as in age--but I am sure you already figured that out) and decorating with vintage items.

Yup.  I told you...my mind wanders.

So first up, the friend.  Hopefully she doesn't mind a few photos on here.
she loves my kids.  

she goes to chick flicks with me. 

she shops with me. 

she comes to all of my going away parties {or fake going away parties...a story for another day}
taken from my facebook page, so bad quality, small photo.  :-(

We've known each other since way back in high school youth group.  {If you ask me it's been longer, but we won't go there.}   Post college and pre-marriage we were roomies for a year.  She is J#3's Godmother.  And one of those friends I know will always be there when I need her.   What more could I ask for???  Love ya Colleen!

Hmm, how do I transition to decorating?  Come on...I wrote television news copy in college, I should be able to do this.  

Huh. Well, here we go.  Maybe with that last sentence I just made a transition. Yes?  


Oh well...for fear of this becoming the longest blog ever, I am just going to jump right in:

I've always thought of myself as more of a modernist, streamlined girl when it comes to decorating. Except when I am living somewhere for only a year (like our current place),  where it becomes a lot more about function (and what can be found at Ikea) than design, but I digress.   

Lately though, I have been falling for (and getting inspired by) things like this buffet from Victory Road's house tour: 

and this awesome vintage camera display: 

or having a laundry cart to hold games or blankets: 

I am not lying either.  All three of those were on my pinterest "decodecodeco" board before I even knew this week's prompt was vintage.    Once we settle in at a place in Scotland, I have to imagine the vintage vibe will fit in just perfectly.  

Ah, inspiration, dreaming (of how to decorate) and friends.   Perfect trifecta for a Thursday.  

# # #

Check out the link-up at Gussy Sews for what's inspiring a whole bunch of other lovely ladies. 
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Pam said...

I love the "older and awesome" definition! Great ideas too. I am a camera freak, so the camera display wowed me. The laundry cart is genius.

Kassie said...

I love the idea of using cameras as part of decorating. I definitely want to do that someday, when we have a house of our own!

Congrats on winning last week! =)

Sunny Vanilla said...

I love those cameras! I like your comment too about older and awesome ;-)

Congrats on the gussy win!!!

Tara said...

I love your take on vintage, and congrats for wining the Gussy giveaway, I've been so eager to get my hands on one of her products!!

nics cahill said...

Hey Jen - I loved reading about you and your friend, what great stories you guys must have.

Loving the red sideboard, in the pics you posted. YOu will have a blast in Scotland, and can mix Ikea with vintage quite easily! Oh I am excited for you.

I am looking forward to hearing about your fake going away parties!

Have a great evening,

nics cahill said...

ps congratulations on winning the giveaway - that is very cool, I am looking forward to seeing you with your prize. You'll have to post a pic.

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